Shoppers Beware! Fake Apple Smart Covers on

Shoppers Beware! Fake Apple Smart Covers on

If you’re shopping for accessories as you look for gifts for your favorite iPad lover, beware. Numerous “Apple Smart Covers” or “Apple Smart Cases” for sale on Amazon are not actually manufactured by Apple and are not the genuine article.

GigaOM, via The Loop:

As first pointed out by Frequent Business Traveler, many customers have been fooled into buying one of these through Amazon, believing they just bought an actual iPad case from Apple. And you can’t blame them, based on how the products are presented.

Amazon user “Forest” uploaded the above image comparing the fake iPad cover he bought on Amazon to a real Apple iPad cover.

When searching Google for “Apple Smart Cover on Amazon” you’ll see that the first half dozen links (as of this article) will take you to an Amazon page that labels the covers as “by Apple.” In smaller print, you’ll see that the orders are sold by another company, often NC Apple Tree or Less Deals, and fulfilled by Amazon. Normally, that’s not a cause for concern, 3rd-party retailers frequently sell other brands to customers through Amazon all the time.

Be sure to read customer reviews though, you’ll find that those who have purchased these covers found that they are not what they seem. Several dozen reviews follow this theme: “…a fake! it is not the real apple smart cover! I bought this and it turned out to be just some plastic with magnets on the side that didn’t even fit the iPad 2 and was just a replica.”

Similar fake Smart Cases were found to be on sale on the site. A company called FantaWare sells the Smart Cases, listed as “by Apple.” A sample review says: “This looks sort of like an authentic Apple Smart Case but much thinner. I know because I have one I bought directly from Apple. It came in a box with a clear top, this one arrived in a plastic bag. The liner is also not as soft as the true Apple Product.”

If  you’re OK with the fact that these are not true Apple products, that’s cool, many buyers have purchased these and are happy with them. More power to them. But if you’re looking for true Smart Cases and Smart Covers actually manufactured by Apple, make sure to do your due diligence and make sure you’re getting the real thing. The best way to do that is to order directly from the Apple Store online. It may cost you a little more, but…

How about you? Have you gotten burned buying accessories for your iOS device online? Share your story with us in the comments section below.