6 Essential iOS Apps for U.S. Presidential Election Day

6 Essential iOS Apps for U.S. Presidential Election Day

This election is going to be close. Very close. A few thousand votes will probably decide it, and whether you’re a hard core Republican or Democrat, being updated on the day itself is going to be crucial. So here are six of the best apps you can use to help you do that, whether you’re a donkey or an elephant.

Obama For America (Free, App Store Link)

The official app of the Democrat campaign, a must for any democrat. Will keep you up to date with all the latest from Obama’s campaign trail and will also give you information on how to register to vote and where local Democrat events are taking place. Of course, one touch sharing to Facebook, Twitter and email is built in so you can keep your friends up to date on the latest news.

Romney-Ryan (Free, App Store Link)

The official app for the Republicans, an essential app for any Republican. To sum it up, it’s exactly the opposite of the above, except with more personal info about Romney’s background. You can also donate via the app like with Obama, as well as learn about events happening near you.

PollTracker (Free, App Store Link)

PollTracker gives you all the stats you need, about everything you want to know. Whether it be swing states, who’s winning, or analysis, this app will have you covered. While the other two above are clearly biased, this one is neutral and gives a nice, fair plotted history of how the campaigns have gone for both men.

NYTimes Election 2012 (Free however subscription required for full access, App Store Link)

This is a solid app, especially if you are a New York Times subscriber. The official app from one of the world’s most famous newspapers, it offers a wealth of opinions, stats and multimedia to subcribers. Non subscribers will find it more limited, however the top six stories will still be available, so it’s still worth considering.

Obama vs Romney – Fight For The White House (Free, App Store Link)

This is a silly app, there’s no denying it, but great for any downtime you may have on election day. Pick your candidate and fight, literally to get the White House. It’s a very basic and simple game with only two controls, but I have a thing for silly games like this, and for a few minutes at least, it’s amusing.

You Decide 2012 Map (Free, App Store Link)

Fox News’s app is all about making predictions. You can fill in where you think the votes will go state by state to develop a map of how you think the election will pan out before sharing it with everyone you know through Facebook, Twitter or email. Another nice feature of this app is the ability to look back to previous election results and how the maps looked back then, so you can see how your predictions for this year match up.

That’s it. If these don’t keep you busy nothing will (unless you couldn’t care about the election), so have fun trying all of them out.