Thanksgiving 2012: What The Editors of MacTrast are Thankful For

Thanksgiving 2012: What The Editors of MacTrast are Thankful For

This is the time of year when we all should all be giving thanks for what’s good in our lives. What about the editors at MacTrast?  We asked them about the product, news, person, app, and accessory they are most thankful for. Let’s see what they said.


  • Product: The iPad mini. I’ve owned a full-size iPad since the iPad 2 was released, and have loved the 10-inch form factor – but I was shocked at how much more I like the iPad mini! It’s half the weight, sports that sexy Vader Black iPhone 5 look, and is the perfect size for taking anywhere!
  • News: Scott Forstall stepping down at Apple. I’ve long felt that Apple wasn’t innovating with iOS, and software design in general, over the past couple of years. I attribute much of that to Forstall, and his particular design tastes. Hopefully Jony Ive and others can turn things around and bring better and more rapid innovations to Apple’s platforms.
  • Person: Kyle Weins. Weins is the CEO of iFixit, and takes great interest in how repairable electronic products are to consumers – including Apple’s products. I particularly appreciated the extent to which he pointed out that the Retina MacBook Pro hinders repairability and upgradability of the MacBook. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is in your discretion.
  • App: 1Password. My favorite Mac and iOS app ever. Makes it brilliantly easy to store passwords, generate secure passwords, and protect credit card and financial information, all while making it convenient to access all of those things across Apple’s platforms at a moment’s notice.
  • Accessory: The Invoxia AudiOffice. Ever since I reviewed the AudiOffice a couple of months ago, it has (quite unexpectedly) become an indispensable part of my desk setup. I love it. It’s a speaker, it’s a telephone handset, it’s a Skype station for my iPhone and iPad – and on top of it all, it’s also gorgeous!


  • Product: I’ve gotta go with the iPhone 5 here. It’s my go to device. My life is on this thing. While I love the iPad, there’s no way I can carry it around everywhere I go. (Maybe I’ll try the iPad mini, Glenn seems to like his a little…)  The speed, the camera, (I don’t even take my DSLR with me on vacation any more), the screen, it’s all there for me.
  • News: I’ve really enjoyed the battle between Samsung and Apple this year. It’s not even about who stole what from who, it’s about two companies fighting tooth and nail for market dominance, no matter how they do it. I grew up watching Dallas on Friday nights. It’s just another big soap opera, baby!
  • Person: Steve Ballmer. When you need a laugh, look to Steve. You never know what ridiculous comment is going to come out of his mouth next. I just wish Peter Boyle had lived long enough to play Ballmer in a movie.
  • App: Passbook. I have a wallet full of store membership cards, I use coupons, I go to movies, I buy airline tickets regularly… See where I’m going here? Passbook has so much potential, I can’t wait to see where it goes form here. And for now, it’s just cool to pull my iPhone 5 out when the lady at Walgreen’s asks if I have their “Balance Rewards” card.
  • Accessory: Any and every case. I freaking love cases! If there’s a new case, and we get asked to review it, Glenn knows who will say yes. iPad cases, iPhone cases, cases to keep my cases in… Yes! Give me cases!


While I’m a Brit, I’ve been to a few Thanksgiving meals whether they be American or Canadian. So what am I thankful for this year in the world of Apple and tech? I divided it up into categories.

  • Product: Samsung Galaxy SIII. The best smartphone available in my opinion, and the only one with working NFC payment, at least in the UK. 4.8 inch screen, good camera and only bad thing is Android. Should be getting one soon.
  • News: Apple destroying Samsung in court. Makes no sense considering the above, but Samsung did steal the original iPhone concept from Apple, and it puts an end to years of pointless debate.
  • Person: Steve Wozniak. He’s come out and said a lot stuff, the vast majority of which I agree with.
  • App: eStroke Animated Chinese Characters. As I’m learning Chinese, needed something comprehensive and feature packed. For Chinese this is it.
  • Accessory: EarPods. Such a vast improvement over the previous version, I couldn’t not put them on here.