U.S. Online Apple Store Now Offers Unlocked iPhone 5

U.S. Online Apple Store Now Offers Unlocked iPhone 5

Apple began taking orders Thursday for factory unlocked versions of their iPhone 5 through their U.S. online store.


Unlocked iPhone 5 units range in price from $649 for the 16GB model to $849 for the highest capacity 64GB version. All unlocked units are seeing ship-by times of one week, identical to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint iterations, while orders are limited to two handsets per customer.

Apple has also posted an informative webpage explaining how the unlocked devices work, both in and outside of the U.S. The handsets will work on any GSM network in the U.S., however they will not support CDMA networks. (Sprint and Verizon.)

This news follows report earlier this week that Apple seemed to be catching up with demand of the iPhone 5, and that most physical Apple Store locations had sufficient supplies on hand to sell walk-in customers the iPhone 5 of their choosing.