Holiday Gift Guide: Buying Tech Gifts For Under $5

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying Tech Gifts For Under $5

These are tough times. Whether you’re broke because you’ve just bought the latest gadget, or for some other more serious reason, you’ll be looking for budget gifts this Christmas. Here is a selection tips on how you can find Apple/tech gifts for under $5, and some quite useful things at that.

1) Cases, earphones and keyboard covers. Whether they be for iPhones or iPods, or even iPads, cases are available cheap on Amazon. While the quality may not be the best, some are actually OK, and you can get some quite amusing ones, like this one of Stitch with movable ears for $3.93.

Earphones can also be had cheaply, although you want to be careful who you buy them from. Don’t get cheap Chinese knockoffs. The best price I found on the US Amazon was for this pink pair of Panasonics at $4.76.

Finally, often a forgotten accessory that’s actually really useful, a rubber keyboard cover to protect it from accidental spills. Here’s one for under $5.

2) Find cheap Apple spare parts on eBay. Nothing excites a geek more than an upgrade, whether it be a stick of RAM or an old hard drive. Sure, you may be pushing it to find the latter for under $5, but you’d be surprised what tech bargains you can dig up on eBay, whether it be spare parts or something else. You’ll definitely find some iconic pieces of Apple design on there for cheap.

3) Shop the old fashioned way. The Internet is cheaper. Generally. At times, the best tech deals can actually be had when there is an in store clearance or a retailer is going bankrupt. Good deals are unpredictable, and with the right timing and luck, you can pick up quite a lot for $5.

4) Gift apps. A really App Store feature is that you can now give apps to people. As a budget Christmas gift, it’s perfect. There are infinite app possibilities, and it’s completely flexible.

5) Be creative. There are many how to guides showing you how to build iPhone docks, cases and more for comfortably under five bucks. So use your imagination! It’s awesome being able to give a gift that’s been handmade by you and not imported from China.