App Gifting Returns for the Holidays in the iOS App Store

App Gifting Returns for the Holidays in the iOS App Store

Scratching your head trying to think of a holiday gift idea for the iOS user in your life? Just jump on your iOS device and head on over to the Apple App Store.


You can now directly send a paid app to someone as a gift, a feature that was previously available with iOS 5 but disappeared when iOS 6 debuted this fall.

To use the feature, open the App Store app on your iOS device. Choose a paid app that you’d like to gift. Click on the Share button in the upper right corner. The Share options window appears with a new icon in the lower right called Gift. Tap on the Gift icon.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your Apple ID password, and it may ask you to confirm your type of payment. Then all you need to do is enter the email address of your gift recipient, and also a personal message if you’d like. Select a date you want your gift to be sent, and a color theme for the gift. Confirm everything, and then tap on the “Buy Gift” button to send the gift off to its pleasantly surprised recipient.

The gift recipient will then receive your personal message, with a link to the app included.

It may be easier just to send an electronic gift card, but if you know your recipients taste in apps, sending a particular app is a nice personal touch.

So, I like sports apps, and my email address is:… Um, just in case.