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How to Downgrade From iTunes 11 Back to iTunes 10.7

How to Downgrade From iTunes 11 Back to iTunes 10.7

While many users are very pleased with the changed Apple made in the recently-released iTunes 11 update, others have been less than impressed. Some users I have spoken to even downright hate iTunes 11, or have encountered bothersome bugs.

If you’re among those that don’t exactly appreciate what iTunes 11 has to offer, fear not – it’s possible to downgrade to iTunes 10.7! The process is not for the faint of heart, however – it involves replacing certain system frameworks aside from removing and reinstalling iTunes itself. It also requires you to have a complete Time Machine backup.

The full tutorial is available over at eMac Consulting. Also, this should go without saying (but we’ll say it anyway): Always make certain you have a working backup of all of your data before making ANY system changes to your Mac. Proceed at your own risk.

Update: eMac Consulting has now updated their tutorial with an even easier downgrade method that does NOT require a full Time Machine backup.

I have also included another easier way to achieve the same result using the application Pacifist. This requires no use of terminal. Woo hoo!

Head on over to their tutorial page for all the details!

  1. I’ve done it easier than that without a full time machine backup.
    Just export the library from iTunes 11, uninstall iTunes 11. Install iTunes 10.7 with pacifist and replace all framework files.
    Impost playlist into iTunes 10.7. Done!

    1. LOLLY says:


  2. ChumbaWumba says:

    Can cope with iTunes 11 but not with the all new stand alone podcast app. Cant make playlists. Grrr. Long bike rides / exercise sessions now punctuated by stopping and cueing up a new episode.

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