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iPad mini Sales Could Overtake Retina iPad Sales

iPad mini Sales Could Overtake Retina iPad Sales

The iPad mini could be on its way to becoming the best-selling iPad model, according to NPD DisplaySearch.


Apple had originally expected to sell 6 million iPad minis in 2012. But that’s turning out to be a laughably low forecast, according to DisplaySearch analyst David Hsieh.

Now, Apple is asking display panel makers to “ship more than 12 million” iPad mini displays in the fourth quarter, Hsieh said in a research note.

Despite the lack of a Retina Display and an older, slower processor than the full-size 4th-gen iPad, it appears the the lower price, and smaller size are driving demand the mini’s way.

“The iPad mini apparently is selling better” than the new iPad 4, Hsieh said in response to an e-mail query. “It seems people especially like the size…[it’s] lighter, slimmer and easier to carry.”

DisplaySearch says in 2013, the iPad mini shipments could account for half of all iPad shipments.

“In 2013, it is likely that Apple will adjust its product portfolio to meet the strong demand for the iPad mini. We believe that Apple is targeting total iPad shipments of 100 million in 2013, half accounted for by the iPad mini,” Hsieh wrote.


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