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OCDock – A Gorgeous Minimalistic iPhone 5 Dock For Your iMac or Thunderbolt Display!

OCDock – A Gorgeous Minimalistic iPhone 5 Dock For Your iMac or Thunderbolt Display!

I love using iPhone docks. I also love minimalistic design. Fortunately, there’s a new entry to the currently slim market of iPhone 5 docks that marries both of these concepts into one great project: A new Kickstarter project called the OCDock!

 OCDock claims to be the world’s first minimal iPhone 5 dock that is specially designed for iMac & Thunderbolt displays. The novel iPhone dock was recently launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform by an international design team incorporated as OCDesk, which stands for Obsessively Clean Desk – something that many iMac users are apparently truly obsessed about. The OCDock has already received backing from more than 1400 iMac owners who have collectively pledged a cool $100,000 in total to help the company ramp-up their production capacity, nearly double the amount set a as a goal by the creators of OCDock.

While most docks need to first invent the problems they attempt to solve, the OCDock focuses on cleaning the clutter that comes with having a regular docking station on your desk. All in all it is a beautifully designed aluminum iPhone dock that seamlessly camouflages to iMac and Thunderbolt Displays, creating a clean and zen-like workspace. It’s unique paper-thin cable runs underneath the display appearing wireless.

Although the final product has a truly minimalist design, the development journey itself was fraught with design challenges to get it right. According to the OCDesk co-founder Mart Jaetma, it took them more than 30 prototypes in the past six months, starting with the rough paper sketches and ending with the polished pre-production prototypes.

The OCDesk crew also already two new products in the development. They can’t reveal the specifics yet, but the new products are scheduled to launch in the first half of 2013. Just as OCDock, the upcoming products will all share the lean and minimalist yet highly functional design philosophies to help people maintain cleaner workspace and increase their productivity. Stay tuned for their updates!

To learn more about the OCDock or to reserve one for yourself, head on over to their Kickstarter page and make a pledge!

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