RockmeIt Social Browser Comes to the iPhone

RockmeIt Social Browser Comes to the iPhone

RockmeIt’s unique “social browser” has been available on the iPad for some while now, bringing a seemingly unlimited stream of personalized content, and a clever way to browse and share their favorite sites. Today, RockMeIt has expanded their app to the iPhone, updating their app to version 2.1 in the process.

RockmeIt’s unique interface could be described, in the words of Time Magazine’s Harry McCracken, as “a little as if Safari and Flipboard had a baby together, and it came out looking like Pinterest“. The browser also functions in a very unique way, bringing you a constant stream of sites and stories that are relevant to you – it even learns your preferences over time.

Today, that experience is available on the iPhone, giving your thumbs a workout on Apple’s popular smartphone (the app is designed so that it can be driven almost entirely with a single digit.

From the RockMeIt Blog:

This holiday season, we’re excited to introduce the new Rockmelt experience for the iPhone. 

While we brought over all the great content and features from the iPad you love – the endless visual stream, pivoting to categories, sources and people, lightweight sharing of the best content, we had to redesign several areas to fit the phone. For example, we knew content had to show up even faster, so you can dip in and out quicker. And because you’re more likely to be on a cellular connection, we had to be sensitive to your data plan. Perhaps most interestingly, we had to tweak gestures and navigation so the whole app could be usable with just your thumb.

That’s right – with Rockmelt you can browse the whole Internet with just your opposable thumb. Tap a story to read it, swipe it to the left to close it, or swipe it to the right to save it for later. Thumbs up!

It also syncs between your iPhone and iPad, adding more continuity to the experience, while making it more useful. RockmeIt 2.1 for iOS is available now as a  free download from the App Store: