T-Mobile’s iPhone-Compatible HSPA+ now in 5 New Markets

T-Mobile’s iPhone-Compatible HSPA+ now in 5 New Markets

The U.S. just found itself a little more in the pink, as T-Mobile has announced that it has added enhanced, iPhone-compatible 4G to five major US markets, bringing the service to a total of 23 markets.

The Verge:

Chicago, Reno, Sacramento, Fresno, and parts of Southern California should now have better voice and data performance and better signal strength on 4G HSPA+, and the enhanced network uses the 1900MHz frequency, which means iPhone users can connect to it rather than being pushed onto slower 2G networks. T-Mobile now says that 100 million people are covered by its enhanced networks, a number it mentioned a few days ago as a goal for the end of the year.

Boston and New York, among other cities, are on the list of future upgrades, and T-Mobile says parts of those areas should already be seeing speed improvements. The magenta network is also working on rolling out LTE, which it hopes will cover 100 million more possible customers by mid-2013.

The company has been very bold lately about its desire to lure iPhone users away from the other carriers. An upcoming ad campaign will revolve around the idea “you love your iPhone, but you hate AT&T,” and they now have an agreement to sell the iPhone in 2013.