20 inch iMac G4 Becomes Ivy Bridge Hackintosh In Awesome Mod

20 inch iMac G4 Becomes Ivy Bridge Hackintosh In Awesome Mod

The iMac G4 will always be considered one of Apple’s most iconic designs, and were it not for it’s G4 processor, I’m sure many would be using it today. However Dremel Junkie, who’s done many Mac mods in the past, has hacked the iMac G4 and turned it into a modern Ivy Bridge Hackintosh running OS X 10.8. How cool is that?

As well as the videos, he details the process via a series of blog posts, and it’s pretty interesting. It involved changing the motherboard (he replaced the original with a small form factor motherboard from an Intel NUC) and hooking up the iMac’s display, which is a lot harder than it sounds due to the proprietary inverter cables/board.

I was always thinking of trying something like this, and now that a reference is available, I might well give it a shot sometime. He’s also made a guide for upgrading the iMac G4 to a Sandy Bridge processor, which is also very useful.


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