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Apple Reported Planning Store Near Princeton University

Apple Reported Planning Store Near Princeton University

ifoAppleStore.com is reporting that it looks like Apple will be opening a new location near Princeton University in New Jersey.



One of the long-known criteria for evaluating future Apple retail store locations is a proximity to a institution of higher learning, and it doesn’t get any higher than Princeton University (NJ). Perhaps that’s why an Apple store will appear later this year inside the Quaker Bridge Mall, about five miles away from that university’s 5,000 students.

Job listings have been sighted on Apple’s website for “Princeton,” and now ifoAppleStore.com says its tipsters have pointed to two spaces in the Simon Property Group mall.

In addition to Princeton, the region is home to several large corporations, including Dow Jones, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch and Bristol-Meyers Squibb. Average annual household income for the region is reported to be at the top of the scale for Apple’s retail chain: $104,282.

Based on hiring schedules, it’s possible the store could be looking at a mid-July opening.


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