CES 2013: SMK-Link Accessories for the Mac and iPad

CES 2013: SMK-Link Accessories for the Mac and iPad

While we were at CES 2013, we were lucky enough to talk to the fine folks at SMK-Link, and get a look at some of their accessories for the Mac and iPad. Hopefully we’ll be getting a closer look at their products in the near future.

Wireless Ultra-mini Touchpad Keyboard for Mac – $69.99

This little Keyboard/Touchpad is perfect for remote control of your Mac. It fits in your hand like a game controller, and makes controlling your Mac easy as pie. (Mmmm… pie!) It includes a full keyboard, with Mac specific keys, has an integrated touchpad, and has shoulder buttons to act as left and right mouse buttons.

It has a 33 foot wireless range, (2.4  GHz), so this would be great to control any Mac, say that Mac mini you have included in your home theater setup, or for remotely controlling a Mac connected to an overhead projector or large-screen TV in a boardroom or classroom.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this one for a closer look, and a review.

Available at Amazon.com for $62.99.

Bluetooth Calculator Keypad – $59.99

If you’re like me, you love the feel of Apple’s Wireless Keyboard, but you miss the dedicated number keypad that used to be on the older models. Here’s the solution, with an added feature.

The Bluetooth Calculator Keypad features a dedicated numeric keypad, and also can double as a stand alone calculator. It features an LCD display, and is wireless up to 33 feet. Calculations computed on the keypad can be sent directly into a spreadsheet just like you typed them.

If you miss the keypad on the modern Apple Wireless Keyboard, this is for you. It can also act as a calculator even if your computer isn’t on.

Available at Amazon.com for $41.99.

PadDock 10 Stand & Stereo for Apple iPad – $99.00

This is the item that caught our eye and brought us into the SMK-Link booth.

The PadDock 10 iPad docking station allows you to keep your iPad charged, sync’d and accessible. The cradle rotates for horizontal and vertical viewing. It features  custom designed oval speakers, a class D amplifier and a passive radiator. We didn’t get a chance to hear the sound from the unit, but we hope to get a chance very soon.

The PadDock 10 supports all iPad models.

I’m thinking this could be put to good use with one of the Mac “extra screen” apps that allow the iPad to act as a second screen for your Mac. Perfect for keeping tool palettes on.

The PadDock 10 is available at Amazon.com for $85.11.

There you have it, some cool accessories that caught our eye at the SMK-Link booth at CES 2013. We hope to give you a closer look at them in the near future.