CES 2013 To be a Showcase for ‘Embarrassingly Large’ Smartphones?

CES 2013 To be a Showcase for ‘Embarrassingly Large’ Smartphones?

The “phablet”, a device positioned somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet, are predicted by at least one analyst to be a big trend at this years Consumer Electronics Show.


With Huawei expected to unveil the Ascend Mate with a 6.1-inch screen, (seen above), and 5-inch phones anticipated from LG and ZTE, Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets expects CES 2013 to showcase a number of “embarrassingly large” smartphones.

White says that even though he finds smartphones with screen sizes of 5 inches and larger “awkward to hold,” during recent trips to China and Hong Kong he found a trend brewing towards “ultra-large smartphones at the high end of the market,” such as with Samsung’s recently released Galaxy Note II.

White believes even Apple wouldn’t be immune to the trend if things are truly headed in that direction. He predicts Apple will be expanding its iPhone line later this year with new colors, similar to its iPod touch lineup, as well as multiple screen sizes.

“We believe Apple will offer customers more screen sizes with the next iPhone and a display as large as 5 inches is not out of the question, in our view,” White reiterated in his latest note to investors on Friday.

I don’t really think Apple will go for huge screens for their iPhone line, but I can see the multiple colors option coming to fruition.

What about you, dear readers? Do you think Apple will join the “large screen phablet” parade? Or will they quietly continue marching to the beat of their own drummer? How about the new colors prediction? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.