Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 3

Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 3

Just ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, (yes, MacTrast will be there), Corning Glass Technologies has announced Gorilla Glass 3, a stronger, more scratch resistant version of the product currently used in the display of the iPhone and iPad mobile devices.


Ahead of the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, Corning unveiled its latest glass technologies (via Engadget) including Gorilla Glass 3 and optical cables for use in fiber-supported protocols like Thunderbolt.

Corning claims the new Gorilla Glass 3 is three times more scratch-resistant than the previous version, thanks to “Native Damage Resistance” technology. The company also claims that of the scratches that do occur on the glass, 40 percent fewer will be visible to the naked eye.

The company did not provide much information on the optical cables, but the fiber optic format should provide faster speeds and longer cable lengths compared to the current copper-based solutions.

Full details on both products are expected to be announced on January 7th, with demonstrations scheduled to run through CES.