Gazelle’s Quest For The Perfect Gadget Box

Gazelle’s Quest For The Perfect Gadget Box

Trade in giant Gazelle encountered a problem soon after launch – in an attempt to protect their device, people were sending all sorts of things, from diapers to pillows, along with it. Yuck! So, over the years, they’ve gone through many different box designs to try and both protect the device and make it distinguishable, CNET reports.


The company’s current box is the latest such effort to fit into those categories, Gazelle’s Anthony Scarsella says. It employs a plastic film to keep gadgets in place, along with a loose pre-paid label that gets stuck back to the outside of the box, and a branded piece of adhesive that seals everything back up. A Netflix envelope it’s not, but the goal is similar: the company wants to wow people with packaging that’s iconic, but that also does its job.

A dedicated iPad box also exists, however that is also planned for an overhaul soon.

Gazelle bought its millionth device in September and is expanding rapidly, just like the rest of the trade in market.

I feel sorry for the guy who opened the box to discover an iPhone wrapped in diapers. Pretty traumatising.