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How to Add Any App to the iOS Newsstand (No Jailbreak Required!)

How to Add Any App to the iOS Newsstand (No Jailbreak Required!)

Apple’s Newsstand – essentially a folder for iOS magazine apps – can be useful, but not all users appreciate the feature. For many, it just sits on the iPhone or iPad’s home screen looking pathetic. Other users find themselves wishing that they could add all of their iOS magazine apps to the folder, rather than just the ones that specifically support Newsstand.


iDownloadBlog notes that a new hack aims to address that problem by allowing you to turn Newsstand into an app folder and add any app you wish! In order for the hack to work, NewsStand must be on the second home screen page of your device, and any app you wish to add must be on the third home screen page.

Here’s how to make it work:

Step 1: Once you’ve set up your apps in the proper positions, swipe over to the third screen, press the home button, and tap and hold on an app. You device will immediately move back to the first screen. When this happens, you need to quickly swipe back to the second home screen without lifting your finger. If you’ve completed this successfully, your icons should be in “wiggle mode.”

Step 2: Next, tap on Newsstand to open it up and then press the home button. The app you’ve selected should now move into Newsstand. You can repeat this process with as many apps as you’d like, but that’s not where the fun ends.

To make the trick even better, you can also add additional folders to NewsStand (although you won’t be able to access the apps inside those folders unless you remove it from Newsstand first). Check out the whole process in the below video from iDownloadBlog. As you can see, it can take a while to get the mechanics of it timed just right.

I hope you found this trick as useful as I did! Enjoy!

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