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Nexus 7 Outsells iPad in Japan During the Holidays

Nexus 7 Outsells iPad in Japan During the Holidays

According to data released by market research firm BCN, the Google Nexus 7 outsold the Apple iPad in Japan during the holiday season. Price appears to be a major reason for the shift.



A survey of 2,400 electronic stores across the country showed the Nexus 7 captured 44.4 percent of the market in December, while Apple’s share came in at 40.1 percent. The firm noted that the iPad has been the top-selling tablet in Japan since its launch in 2010. Devices made by domestic companies like Sony and Fujitsu accounted for only two to three percent of sales over the same period.

Apple began 2012 with just under 50% of the Japanese market, peaking at around 70% in March with the release of the fourth-generation iPad. ASUS had their share of the market hover at around 10% until September, which saw it jump to 40% with the release of the Nexus 7.  November’s release of the iPad mini caused Nexus 7 demand to drop, but lack of inventory of Apple’s new smaller tablet caused a sales decline for the device during December.

One major factor in the sales growth of the Nexus 7 was price. The ASUS tablet is priced at 19,800 yen (about $224) for a 16 GB model, or $100 less than a comparable iPad mini which sells for 28,800 yen (about $326).


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