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Review: Contaqs – An Innovative Alternative to Apple’s iOS Contacts App

Review: Contaqs – An Innovative Alternative to Apple’s iOS Contacts App

I’ve always been pretty happy with the Contacts app in iOS. It always did the job of keeping all my contacts in one place, and I could access them with a couple of taps on the screen. Then I found Contaqs – The Contact Manager. It has changed the way I access my address book.



Contaqs is an enhanced address book. After installing, the app goes through your address book and automatically sets up some incredibly useful “smart lists.” All without any manual interaction from the user. Smart lists that the app created for me were grouped by company they worked for, cities and countries they lived in, even a list broken down by zip code. Contaqs does this by looking through your address book, and with your permission, your Facebook friends, and analyzes the information, and then groups the information into the smart lists. The app also allows you to manually setup groups, and add contacts to those groups by simply dragging the contact to that group. I love it.

When the app starts up, it initially shows an alphabetized contacts list. Sure, you say, just like “Contacts.” True, but the Contaqs contacts list also shows handy info like the contacts photo, if available, their email address, the company they work for, and their phone number. All great information to be available immediately after starting the app.

Contaqs also uses the birthday information you have entered for your contacts, to sort your friends by birthdate. It even shows on a handy calendar. (You do have all your friends and business contacts birthdays entered, right?) You can also view nearby contacts, as Contaqs can use location information to tell where you’re at in relation to your contacts addresses.

I also like the ability to add a contact as a quick-dial icon on your iPhone’s home screen. Very nice. Searching for a contact is quick and easy, and can be done by simply typing the name or even phone number of the contact. The display will update as you type to show contacts that match the entered information.

The ability to export your address book as VCF files and email them is also a great feature. There are numerous features I know I’ve failed to mention, this is a feature packed app folks.



As I said at the top of the review, I always thought the iOS Contacts app was more than enough for me. But once I used Contaqs for awhile, it’s opened a whole new way of contacts management for me.

The ease of use, and quick learning curve is great, and there are so many features packed into this app that I am still finding new ones after a week of using this great little app.

Get Contaqs, it will be the best $1.99 you’ve ever spent in the App Store.


Price: $1.99 – Available now in the App Store [DIRECT LINK]


  • Easy learning curve, and fast setup.
  • Automatic “smart lists” are a great feature.
  • Love the birthdays list, and the birthday calendar is a great feature.
  • Drag and drop to add a contact to a list. Fantastic.


  • Honestly, I have none.