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Review: Drobo 5D – Powerfully Simple Thunderbolt Storage for Your Mac

Review: Drobo 5D – Powerfully Simple Thunderbolt Storage for Your Mac

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We’re big fans of Thunderbolt here at MacTrast, as well as any and all cool storage devices we happen to come across, so naturally we (and specifically, I) got pretty excited when Drobo released their first Thunderbolt-enabled storage products: The Drobo Mini and the Drobo 5D.

I’ve been a fan of Drobo for a few years now, and could not resist taking the opportunity to take the new Drobo 5D out for a spin. I did my best to it through it’s paces to find out just what it is capable of – and whether it is truly worthy to be called a Drobo. To make a long story short, the answer is yes – the Drobo 5D  ($850, link) is a fantastic device well deserving of the Drobo name. This review will discuss the reasons why I feel that way.

Drobo Full Spread


The Drobo 5D is, in its most basic sense, a 5-bay modular RAID enclosure capable of reading from 5 drives at once. Like all RAID enclosures, the main idea behind a Drobo is to store and access huge amounts of data at rapid speeds, usually with enough redundancy to account for one or more drives failing. Basically, it doubles as a way to both access your files quickly, and protect them from hard drive failure.

Drobo’s products have always been a bit unique from other RAID solutions, however, providing a much simpler and faster way to set the device up, swap out one or more failed drives, and expand the storage with larger drives. Indeed, perhaps one of the biggest draws of a Drobo is the ability to easily expand your storage volume without affecting your data. More on this later.

With the 5D, the Drobo gang has taken everything great about their previous products, and updated the package with a pair of lightning-fast Thunderbolt ports, as well as high-speed USB 3.0. They’ve also added a unique feature called Data-Aware Tiering, which lets you use an mSATA SSD to speed up your read and write speeds.


I don’t like to spend a great deal of time talking about design when it comes to storage products (because ultimately it’s the performance that really matters), but there are a few stand-out design features of the Drobo 5D that I feel merit specific mention.

Drobo 5D ShellFirst, the Drobo 5D provides perhaps the easiest drive installation and removal experience I have ever seen. To install a drive, just press it into the enclosure until it clicks. This is a breath of fresh air – many RAID systems require drives to be mounted with screws or bolts. The Drobo drive bays do not, which makes them a simpler and faster solution than most competing products.

To remove a drive, just pull the tab on the site, and the drive will pop forward, allowing you to pull it out. It’s that simple. To finish out the simplicity of the system, Drobo has chosen to use a metal cover for the front of the device that also pops on and off without metal fasteners of any kind.

Despite the ease with which you can add and remove drives, the Drobo also serves as a tough protective enclosure with thick metal walls and shock protection features to preserve your data in case things get shaken around a bit. Add to this the inclusion of dual Thunderbolt ports to allow for daisy chaining, and the Drobo’s design becomes just about as close to ideal as you can get. It even includes a Thunderbolt cable so you don’t have to buy one separately. Also, it’s shiny!


  • Data-Aware Tiering

This is a new feature introduced with the Drobo 5D and the Drobo Mini. As we briefly mentioned above, it serves as a way to speed up your data transfers by using an SSD. The mSATA SSD fots into a special slot at the bottom of the unit, and is used by the Drobo as a sort of cache, enabling the device to operate much faster than it could if it were using spinning drives alone. Think of it as a way to turn the Drobo into a giant hybrid drive.

  • Dual Thunderbolt Ports

Inclusion of two ports is becoming increasingly common in Thunderbolt-enabled products, but still merits a mention because of just how crucial it really is. Including dual Thunderbolt ports allows you to daisy chain a second Thunderbolt device to the Drobo, such as a display or another storage device. Without this, you’d be stuck at the end of the chain as soon as you plugged your Drobo in.

  • On-Board Battery Backup

Arguably one of its best features, the Drobo 5D includes a powerful built-in battery to protect against data loss in the event that you lose power. Once it detects that the power has been cut, the battery kicks in, allowing to Drobo to finish writing whatever it needs to in order to prevent data loss or corruption.

  • Automatic Data Redundancy
Drobo 5D Redundancy

The Drobo 5D allows you to choose between a single-drive or a dual-drive redundancy option. Put in simpler terms, this means that it can offer protection in case a single drive fails, allowing you to remove the drive and add a new one without losing data. For even more safety, you can also choose to set it up to compensate for two drives failing at around the same time. The best part is that you don’t have to rebuild your RAID array if a drive fails – just pop out the old drive, insert a new one, wait for the status light on the new drive to turn green, and you’re good to go.

  • Nearly Limitless Upgradability

Another unique aspect of the Drobo 5D (and all other Drobo units I can think of) is the way it handles volumes. When setting it up, you can choose a volume size up to 16TB. That means when storage capacities increase and drive costs fall, you can easily expand your Drobo without modifying any of it’s settings. As long as you don’t exceed 16TB worth of drives, you’re set. When drives evolve to sizes greater than the 16TB limit allows for, Drobo can release a firmware update to increase the limit.

By comparison, increasing the storage on most other arrays requires significant knowledge of how RAID works, and some manual tweaking to make it all happen.

  • Intelligent Status Indicators

droboThe Drobo 5D includes several sets of blinking LED status lights. First, a set of 5 lights that show green, yellow, or red. These lights reveal whether a drive is installed in a certain bay, and whether or not it is healthy. It also includes a light to show when the Drobo’s internal processor is busy, when data is being transferred to or from the Drobo, and a set of lights along the bottom which show how full the Drobo is. It even alerts you when it’s time to add more storage or remove a few files.

These lights come in handy a lot, and provide a great at-a-glance overview of all aspects of the device’s status.

  • Extreme Easy of Use

All of the above 6 features contribute to the single best feature that Drobo has to offer: Extreme simplicity and ease of use. This is Drobo’s real strength – they’re so easy to set up, upgrade, replace drives in, and use that anyone who can read a traffic light can use a Drobo. They’re dead simple, and to steal a phrase from Apple’s book, they just work.


Now that we’re square on the cool (and in many cases, quite unique) features offered by the Drobo 5D, it’s time to put the Drobo to the test to find out how well it performs. After all, what good will all those features do you if the end result is as slow as paste? Fortunately, that’s not the case.

I tested the Drobo 5D using my 15-inch mid-2012 non-Retina MacBook Pro, and found some very promising results. Using BlackMagic’s DiskSpeedTest (free, Mac App Store link), I was able to measure write speeds of up to approximately 145MB/S and read speeds of just over 240MB/s. Those speeds were achieved with the Drobo backing a 32GB SSD, 3 7200RPM drives, and 2 5400RPM drives. While that’s not quite up to the speeds offered by a device like the Pegasus R4 (as TheMacObserver illustrates in their handy benchmark charts), it’s not too shabby.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.00.16 PM

Second, I tested file copy speeds by transferring chunks of media to and from the drive. I transfered 600 files of various sizes (about 15GB total) to the Drobo, measuring the speeds using the OS X Activity Monitor as I went, and found those benchmark speeds to be fairly accurate in real world usage as well.

It’s worth noting that the mSATA SSD makes a world of difference – without the mSATA SSD, I was only able to achieve about 170MB/s read speeds and 130MB/s write speeds at the very best.

Drobo Dashboard

Finally, all hardware and benchmarks aside, it’s also worth taking a moment to discuss Drobo’s free management software: Drobo Dashboard. The software is required to setup and use the Drobo, and is as easy to use as the unit itself, providing a simple and painless way to manage your Drobo, check it’s health, shut it down, see which drive is installed in each bay, and more. The experience of using Drobo Dashboard is unlike using any other disk utility I have ever used, for one simple reason: I didn’t feel like a nerd while using it! In fact, it was so seamless, I was hardly aware I was using it at all. There’s some real power in that level of simplicity.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.46.03 PM


I’m just going to come right out ad admit that the Drobo 5D is not the most advanced storage device available. It’s also not the fastest, or the cheapest (actually, it’s kind of pricey at $850 with no drives). It is, however, my preferred Thunderbolt storage device, and the one I am most likely to recommend to others. And why is it my preferred choice? It’s fast, it’s simple, it requires no extra knowledge, and it just works.

Can you get a faster or more advanced drive for the same amount of money or less? Yes. But you won’t find a simpler or more fool-proof solution for users from varied technical backgrounds. That’s why the Drobo 5D has earned MacTrast’s first Editor’s Choice award of 2013. I highly recommend it.

For more details, visit Drobo’s 5D product page on the web. The Drobo 5D is available direct from Drobo ($850, link), and can often be found for a significant discount from Amazon.com.


  • Fast read speeds – especially with an mSATA SSD installed.
  • Very easy to remove, add, or expand storage.
  • Includes dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining purposes.
  • Extremely simple to setup and use. Requires no knowledge of RAID or storage arrays.
  • Intelligent LED system provides full Drobo status at a single glance.
  • Includes a Thunderbolt cable (which would otherwise cost you another $40).


  • At $850 with no drives, the Drobo 5D is quite expensive.
  • If your Drobo fails, you must use another Drobo to recover your data.
  • Requires a full-blown desktop adapter (such as this one from IcyDock) to install most SSDs into the array (although 3.5-inch SSDs should work as-is)..

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Because I enjoyed using and reviewing the Drobo 5D so much, and because I really appreciate you all for loyally reading our content, I want to give you all a special opportunity to win a Drobo 5D (worth $850!) of your very own! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! I am confident that you will!

To enter the giveaway, simply post the following message on Twitter:

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For a second entry, please leave a comment on this post about why you want to win the Drobo 5D, and mention your Twitter handle in the comment!


Congrats to @EricHinesPhotos! He’ll be receiving his prize within the next 1-2 weeks!

To be eligible to win, you must follow @MacTrast and RT the message. The giveaway will run through today and tomorrow, and a winner will be announced early next week (week of January 28, 2013). Location doesn’t matter – we can ship your prize anywhere!

Good luck!


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  128. John Coleman says:

    I’d love to be able to store all my media in one place. @johnpcolemanjr

  129. i have a huge ibrary of entertainment set up on my mac and although i use the apple tv, for most of my entertainment, i could really use a way to store or more easlity access all those files, and this looks like a peice of tech worthy of connecting to my mac

  130. I need this easy and fast Drobo 5 @ShikiLee

  131. Luke says:

    I’m an audio engineer, so It would be really nice to ensure that I have fast, reliable storage for the foreseeable future, not that mention that, as a student, finding the money to buy a new hard drive is hard to come by.

  132. Luke says:

    Also, @lukeilduce

  133. I Like this Drobo a lot. Some real disk power. @bartvanhoutte

  134. I’d use that wonderful HDD enclosure to backup multiple family pictures and videos

  135. das says:

    It just fits my new 27″ iMac perfectly. Lots of external storage! @dasamaras

  136. John says:

    Drobo is a great storage system. Safe, secure and robust.


  137. Donna Yoo says:

    need storage @donnachangstein

  138. Nicole Acuna says:

    I really love Drobo its exactly what I need and I love the features! It would make my life a whole lot easier. @redsnoopy1977

  139. Brian Houle says:

    I’d sure like to win this Drobo because I just looked at all the hi8/digital8 camcorder home videos i’m transferring for my own family, plus our photos, plus all of our HD camcorder footage and I need something to house it all securely.

  140. Rick Rose says:

    Right now, my backup solution includes two onsite disks, one offsite
    disk, and a time capsule. I’d like to consolidate with a smarter
    solution. I’ve used Drobo at work, a much better solution. I am

  141. I Shoot on SD Record in HD Edit on PC And Store, Manage and back up on Drobo 5D @dslrvideostudio

  142. Joel Bernsen says:

    Just picked up a new Mac Mini with an Fusion Drive, and need some superfast thunderbolt storage to support my freelance video efforts. Great product, guys! @jrbernsen

  143. Drobo 5D Delivers Data aware tiering, Robust file Management, Protection with security of data and piece of mind @unitedphoto

  144. I am a Student at college right now and about to graduate and plan on looking into DIT/Video Assit jobs. Having this drive would really help me get started and save me a bunch of money. @JosephGiacobbe

  145. I want the Drobo so I can back up all my photography.

  146. There is nothing like this Cuban editor would love the most than editing from a Drobo! I love the expandability of the Drobo and performance! @_the_islander

  147. Avaiam says:

    I’ve been wanting to grab a drobo for awhile and/or a thunderbolt drive. I’m tired of having 5 different external drives sitting on my desk. The drobo would solve that and it’s a lot faster than my firewire/usb2 drives.

  148. RAFFE GOLD says:

    I want to win a Drobo 5D because after my parents lost all their data recently I need to find them a backup that is seamless and easy to use so they will stop calling me and bugging me! @raffeg

  149. Andrew Acker says:

    I want this storage because of powerful backup, simple storage, and easy access to data and information. @andrew_acker

  150. Chris says:

    I need all the space I can get while producing art, videos, graphic design and everything inbetween @vsrobots

  151. Roger Scheck says:

    @rogerscheck I need the greates storage system ever built!

  152. getmetorajesh says:

    Been my long time dream to get one of this

  153. Wow this thing sounds fantastic for my storage problem on my Mac Mini. I use this computer for my music collection, Photoshop, 3DS Max files and especially my 3D modeling assets for Steam. Needless to say, it’s running low on space and the external drives I am using are Firewire 400 and single drives. With this I can consolidate all my data and be a LOT more productive!

  154. I need to win this Drobo 5D because my data grows faster that its own shadow! Oh wait, thats Lucky Luke…:p but anyway, I hate to see cluttered external HDD on my desk and their cable scatered around my working area. Not to mention each sxternal HDD needs their own electrical outlet! Drobo 5D will be a perfect buddy and solution for me 😉 | @riefa27

  155. Paul Oldham says:

    Wow what a review. Really enjoyed reading this. Just what I need, being a photographer, music lover and movie buff, my HDD is at its limit. Backing my files up to my WD My Book Live is quite slow, like nearly a week and that just 1 HDD! I NEED THUNDERBOLT! Would be a dream come true to get one of these bad boys. Now I could spend more time with my family instead of sitting at a computer all the time for days on end. I have 2 sets of twins age 6 and 5 months old and a 4 year old! Yes 5 kids so I need more time and quicker backup. PICK ME LOL 🙂

  156. Diane Bassette says:

    I could store so much in this!!! I can safely store and edit photos and videos as well as back up my personal data! How great that would be!!

  157. Faiz Fauzi says:

    who doesnt want drobo? people could write anything to win it! it is the best advance storage in the market. At least i could end the conventional ways of hosting UPNP server on my iMac if i win this. @cranko_

  158. Tony Avella says:

    I’d love to consolidate the three external drives I have to in to one awesome solution! Battery backup and raid, what else can I say besides DROBO! My twitter name is @tavella

  159. Paul Oldham says:

    Oops forgot at add @euroboy83 to my comments 🙁 my bad.

  160. jrryror says:

    I want this because i need this. I need this to back up all my files

  161. CeriJames says:

    I’d really love to win a Dropbo 5D, because its the ultimate storage device.

  162. Drobo 5D would make my video editing process faster and easier!! @MrKUKA

  163. ingo says:

    It is a cool device that would make me and my family happy by secure storing all our digital memories, Twitter handkenis @i_pinz

  164. Jon says:

    We are in the market for a device like this and have actually heard negative feedback about Drobo. I’d love to have the chance to use a Drobo an hopefully share positive feedback with the community.

  165. Neil T says:

    For me its just about the idea of your data truly being safe no matter if a hard drive fails. That’s something that you can’t put a price on!

    My Twitter handle is: @Snowx2k5

  166. Robin M says:

    I have too many devices, mine and kids devices, to back up and not enough storage! This sounds like a perfect answer. #rmom32 my twitter ID

  167. Just got my first thunderbolt Mac and need a Drobo for my data backups!
    Twitter is @scotts1

  168. Marc B. says:

    New iMac, new storage. Perfect for backups.
    Twitter: @marcplanb

  169. Have loads and oodles and bunches and a plethora (did i mention its allotttt) of DATA to back up this would be the perfect solution Thanks for the chance <3 <3 <3 @Nikibaby219

  170. rsthl says:

    I am doing lots of video and photo editing in high quality so space is scarce and speed essential. Plus clients can get pretty mad, if you loose their data 😉

  171. rsthl says:

    I am doing lots of video and photo editing in high quality so space is scarce and speed essential. Plus clients can get pretty mad, if you loose their data 😉 @rsthl

  172. dalecampbell says:

    Been meaning to get setup with a Drobo for backup and archiving of video projects for ages. Just tweeted this from @twitter-15331500:disqus

  173. Yael Shulman says:

    I would love to win the Drobo 5D! I have so much video footage that needs storage and this would be the perfect home for all my work!

  174. I would love a Drobo to go with my imac!

  175. Juen says:

    Running out of space because of video and pictures. Drobo is exactly what I need. @juenfamily

  176. JCmua says:

    I would like to win the Drobo because I barely have space for my videos abd photos anymore. Twitter @JCmua

  177. Jchollis says:

    Why do I want to win it??? Stinking poop! Who wouldn’t want to win this?! Drobo rocks and I’m really just broke as a joke to afford this. Would like to make the most epic media server ever!! @JCHollis

  178. Id Love to win a drobo unit, i think they are smart and nifty. it would be nice to own one, then i could get rid of these 6 usb harddrives i have sitting all over my desk with cables everywere, ;-( and if a drive fails then i wouldnt loose my precious photo’s and mu music i have been collecting for years now because the drobo will keep my data safe till i replace the drive. allso the option of double redundancy is just great!!!! @kattanablade


  179. bigdogfilms says:

    We are looking for new storage options. We have been watching Drobo closely for a while now and would love to try the new 5D! Reviews are great for this product so we would love to see the results in real world editing and storage!

  180. Ewing_Cory says:

    The Drobo is awesome for backing up thousands of video files. And also making sure your data is not lost, if the drives crash.

  181. I would love this device for lightening fast access to all of my videos and photos as well as music. What a premium storage device. Thanks Mactrast! @heatherkalist

  182. I want to win the Drobo 5D because of the amazing amount of storage I can use to keep track of all my videos that need to be edited. Thanks MacTrast @kkirzinger

  183. Blake says:

    I would like to win because I am doing a lot of work with apps and running a server based service and I am running out of space. This would help me so much and the product looks incredible, but there is no way I can ever get it unless I won this! @bcadev

  184. pi says:

    It would be awesome to have one of these. They just have to figure out a way to have a itunes server running there, so you can airplay to ipad, iphone or appletv from it… twitter is @pivale

  185. Ian Williams says:

    looking for somewhere to archive my sizeable music collection safely. @thisisian

  186. I’d like to have something that is compatible with my otherwise useless thunderbolt port. @ajwittwer

  187. Tarek Konbaz says:

    I do photo editing and soon I’ll start video too… the Drobo is an efficient way to do that easily and comfortably…

  188. Really need @Drobo 5D from @MacTrast because I need the best thunderbolt solution to pair with my new iMac for video editing. #MTDrobo @bcasabella

  189. Mark says:

    This would be a great addition to my edition suite!!!

  190. christianklemp says:

    I want to win this because I could use the speed and performance when editing video and audio directly from the external storage. Twitter: @christianklemp

  191. @maelstrom_oz I have been searching for the ultimate home storage solution to accompany my MacBook Pro and the masses of digital imagery and video that I have been accumulating… This article is the solution. Go Drobo !

  192. I would like to set up a media server for my friends to put their tons and tons of media on, so that no matter where we are in the world we can access the files. One friend is deployed in Korea and this would really help in the setup process so that he can benefit from it. @StandishMan25 @MacTrast @Drobo

  193. carlgotone says:

    @carlgotone this will help me get rid of all those external drives I have lying around and eliminate my thunderbolt-expresscard-eSata adaptor setup im currently tied to on my MBPr!

  194. Jeff W says:

    This would be amazing for my job.. We’ll be moving into our first building next week, what better way to do that than with a new drive! My current storage solution is down to it’s last few gigs so we’ll need to purchase a new one soon. @jwelchmusic

  195. Maria Szanyi says:

    An awesome piece of technology that I want so bad! @Meriffic

  196. Fourth Amigo says:

    I’ve got way too many external hard drives. I need to de-clutter. @thefourthamigo

  197. This would be great for keeping my audio and video content organized and on external drives that I can use with any Mac I need!! Twitter: @grantbyrum

  198. Lance says:

    Would love to win this… Have a lot of videos I’m working on!! @smallingld

  199. Big Fan says:

    This would be great for storing all my photos and video!

  200. Ann Lyfe says:

    i would love to win the drobo 5d thunderbolt for my mac because I need it to store all my videos & pics!

  201. SSD2010 says:

    My husband’s a software engineer, works in quality assurance and I’m a photographer, graphic designer, between the two of us we need something to save our data & this would be perfect. (Twitter follower @SS_Dal)

  202. Sherri Evans says:

    I would like to win the Drobo 5D because I never win anything! Seriously, this would be a great addition to my home setup and ensure peace of mind for my backups.

  203. Linda Kubala says:

    I would love to own one, I would use it for storing all photos and videos plus storing all my designs for my crafting design startup that is in it’s infancy. Thank you… @freeway49

  204. Roger says:

    It would be really great to win this!

  205. JuanCaVarela says:

    I want the Drobo to store all my photos and have data redundancy without having to think too much about it.

  206. I wanna store all my datas securely in it

  207. Ross Hayes says:

    You can never have too much space. Storage space that is… and I don’t have enough. (@Ross_Hayes)

  208. Guest says:

    I’m starting my new businesses and need a lot of data storage and safe! because it will be used for back-up and extern access. I like the specifications and can really use one! I live in de netherlands and i follow mactrast since 2010, and read here the new news about Apple. I hope i win this device!

  209. adlin says:

    I would love a Drobo to go with my new iMac……..

  210. diane baum says:

    this would wonderful for doing programs for my students

  211. Petar Banić says:

    I want it because of the amazing amount of storage I can use to keep track of all my videos that need to be edited. @booNN

  212. Ben Hermans says:

    I’m starting my new businesses and need a lot of data storage and safe! because it will be used for back-up and extern access. I like the specifications and can really use one! I live in de netherlands and i follow mactrast since 2010.

  213. @WHearnshaw It might actually allow me to pull out my old HDs and sort out all my files from years gone by onto one system!

  214. Bethani says:

    I have 2 MacBook Pro’s and a PC desktop all sharing to a NAS and it’s SLOW and painful. I work from home and travel a lot(I am the tech coordinator for the 911 operations in my county) and use my storage to access a lot of essential files. When it comes to E911 work, the ability to store and retrieve date quickly can actually be a matter of life and death. This device would help me greatly since time is of the essence in my line of work. It looks like a great device and would love to test it out for possible future implementation in the PSAP’s (Public Safety Answering Points)I work with.

  215. Bethani says:

    BTW, my twitter handle is @shespnz

  216. eggzntea says:

    I want the Drobo 5D to assisst me in editing my movie… thnx! Best @buddhapesto

  217. Matt Cooper says:

    video and Backups

  218. Caleb Wilson says:

    I would make a great utility for storing photos and videos for the whole family.

  219. Captain Steubing says:

    With all of the pictures and video that we’ve been taking of my new daughter; I’ve got to find a good safe way to store them. The Drobo looks like it would fit the bill perfectly. @captainsteubing

  220. pomps71 says:

    I would love to have the Drobo 5D to upgrade my media center. @twitter-15202463:disqus

  221. Earl Swank says:

    I’d love to win the Drobo 5D to keep a constant backup of all my pictures I’ve taken throughout the years. I’ve always wanted one but could never afford. So I hope to win it. Thanks! @EJSwank

  222. Andy says:

    With 170GB of photos, and a lifetime of DSLR use ahead of me, I really need a safe, local backup solution…I want a Drobo! @andyelder

  223. This would be a very big help in storing, editing and transferring photos and videos and also storing my music. Thanks @mwright199

  224. I need something really fast for my backups…. My twitter handle is @theothercole

  225. Backups, and video editing for over 40 8mm digitized family movies.

  226. I love Drobo! I need a central backup solution! @wolfganglc

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