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Review: Triplog – Easily Track Mileage, Trips, and Travel Costs From Your iPhone

Review: Triplog – Easily Track Mileage, Trips, and Travel Costs From Your iPhone

If you run your own business, or if your employer reimburses you for using your own vehicle for business, you need a way to accurately keep track of your mileage and generate reports. Let’s take a look at Triplog from Islands Software.



Triplog is a universal app that can help you keep track of your trips by using your device’s built-in GPS to track your mileage, which vehicle you used, and what your travel and fuel costs were.

The app allows you to set up multiple vehicles, add redefined locations for trip initiation and calculations, and even allows you to snap photos of receipts when entering expenses. In addition, the app can save data about your trip such as mileage, fuel costs, purpose of the trip, any additional expenses, who rode along, and comments about the trip.

Triplog also uses Apple’s iCloud in order to synchronize data between multiple devices, making it simple to manage travel data without having to keep track of which device you used on a given trip.

All the information about your trip can be viewed, both in text format and charts, and exported from the app in PDF or Excel format, which you can then send to Dropbox, or email.

I used the app one day while running errands for my home business. I needed to pick up supplies, drop off some packages, and on a personal note, pick up groceries.

The app works great when tracking your driving. Even when running in the background, it intelligently told me when a leg of the journey had ended, and the location where it ended by notifying me in the notification center.

Triplog tracked all the legs of my journey flawlessly, and allowed me to view all information about the trips in the history function of the app.



One great thing I can say about Triplog is that it didn’t get in my way. It tracked my mileage and other data without needing to continually update the information manually.

I also like the backup options using Dropbox and iCloud. If you’re going to rely on an app to keep track of your travel related expenses, you want a backup.

I highly recommend Triplog for those that need to keep track of vehicle travel for business reasons. The options for multiple vehicles and the use across multiple devices makes it handy, and easy to use. The app is only $2.99, it’ll pay for itself on your first lengthy business related trip.

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

Price: $2.99 – Available for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store (DIRECT LINK)

Especially Nice Features:

  • Easy to set up and use. It doesn’t get in the way while you use it.
  • Backup of data is a welcome feature.
  • Multiple car and device tracking is more than welcome.