Review: Zombie Master – Starcraft Meets Gears of War for iOS

Review: Zombie Master – Starcraft Meets Gears of War for iOS

The last few years, gaming has made significant changes from a desktop and console based platform to a more portable mobile system. iPhones and iPads have become a huge platform for fun, and impressive games. Now, with the impressive processing power of newer iDevices, games can truly take on a new life and emulate console based games even more accurately. Zombie Master for iOS seeks to bring a blend of Gears of War and Starcraft to the palm of your hands.


Zombie Master (Free in the App Store) is a unique combination of a sim builder and third person shooter. Based on the idea of a zombie apocalypse, you mission is to save surviving humans and protect yourself, while collecting necessary elements to help keep your alive and well.

zombie master sector

Zombie Master begins with a simple, and straightforward tutorial, which teaches you to establish your base camp, construct a few critical compounds, and recruit a soldier. From there, you are ushered into your first head to head battle against a hoard of zombies, hungry to nom on anyone who crosses their path.

When you complete each mission, you are brought back to base and able to construct more facilities, recruit more soldiers, or venture into other areas. By using the built-in “resource gauge” you can be sure that you aren’t stretched to thin to take on your next mission. The zombie gauge is also helpful, as it indicates how challenging the mission in a sector might be.

zombie master splatter

Drawing from it’s console based inspirations Zombie Master includes dual joystick controls and multiple functional keys. Using the simple on-screen controls, your character is able to move and look in nearly every direction, and with a simple tap, aim and take fire on your flesh-eating targets.

zombie master helicopter

Zombie Master’s graphics are very impressive, and feature well-designed landscapes and realistic (or as realistic as zombies can be) animations. The variety of playing styles makes for unique and consistently enjoyable graphics and help to mix things up and keep things interesting.

Verdict: [rating: 4]

With excellent graphics and a unique playing style, Zombie Master is worth more than it’s price-tag might imply. The third-person shooter aspect of the game is fantastically developed and a perfect balance of challenge and fun. While the game does depict violence (you’re shooting zombies after all), it is not terribly distasteful, and would be appropriate for teens+.


  • Excellent Graphics
  • Unique Gameplay style
  • Unbeatable price


  • Could use even more development of the Sim aspect

If you’re looking for an excellent iOS game that combines Starcraft and Gears or War into an excellent mobile experience, check out Zombie Master for free in the App Store.