Samsung Teases New TV for CES 2013

Samsung Teases New TV for CES 2013

Looks like it might be a television focused CES again this year, as Samsung is teasing a mystery product, following reports that Intel may be launching a set-top box and cable TV service at the trade show.


Samsung recently released a new pre-CES teaser video and image of an HDTV. 

On the company’s blog, there is a picture of a portrait-shaped TV that is taller than it is wide. The television is depicted against an uninterrupted snowy background, possibly suggesting that the display is translucent. “A true innovation of TV design is coming up with an unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design,” reads the caption

A video is also included in the blog, showing standard televisions, both flat-screen and tube type, journeying to see Samsung’s latest innovative design.

Samsung often reveals new prototypes of its products at CES. Last year, it introduced its “Smart Window” technology, featuring a touch-controlled interface atop transparent glass.

The strong TV-centric theme of CES 2013 news comes while persistent rumors float about Apple possibly releasing its own television sets. It is not clear if and when Apple will reveal its own television product, and Apple does not attend CES, and will not be making any official announcements at the show.

CES starts January 8th, and will continue through January 11th.