Microsoft’s Surface Hacked to Run Mac OS

Microsoft’s Surface Hacked to Run Mac OS

It’s fair to say there have been mixed reviews about the Surface. However, if you’ve got one, the folks at XDA Developers forums have figured a way to jailbreak it to run an early version of Mac OS, freeing you from the clutches of Windows 8, The Verge reports (image via @stroughtonsmith).

surface mac os

Installation shouldn’t require any coding or extra knowledge, and it seems fairly straightforward, however BSODs have been reported and it’s still in its early stages. To get started, download the file from the forum, run it and follow the instructions.

There’s also a FAQ if you get stuck, with some technical questions. The OP points out that it can be done completely independently – you don’t need to tether to a computer to run it. Finally, it’s worth noting this should work for any tablet running Windows 8 RT (doesn’t have to be the Surface).

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