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How Bad is Windows 8? People Will Pay $125 to Downgrade to Windows 7! (Pic)

How Bad is Windows 8? People Will Pay $125 to Downgrade to Windows 7! (Pic)

Yup, I think rock bottom has been hit (via Twitter).

Image via Riposte — January 22, 2013, 4-35-03 PM

  1. DearThey says:

    I would argue that you’re reading a bit much into it.

    When I sold computers, we offered services that were utterly useless (like initial setups for new machines) all the time, didn’t mean the customers actually needed or wanted them.

    Yes, techies hate Windows 8. You know who doesn’t? Every person who’s machine I’ve installed it on. It combines the best elements of a tablet UI and the familiarity of the traditional desktop. It runs better and faster on even older hardware, and it has brilliant social and sharing integration, which consumers have shown a desire for.

    It may be a tad early to be crowing at the imagined demise of Windows.

    1. Unless you’re one of the countless people who will pay to downgrade from 8 to 7.

      1. DearThey says:

        Right. And where are the actual numbers on that? I’m guessing you used “countless” because it sounds big, but you don’t actually have any numbers to back the assertion up, hence you can’t actually count them.

        1. Blasev says:

          I agree, we can’t make deep analysis only based on this picture.
          but the market for downgrade is also real. at least one people (myself), don’t really like windows 8 ui, it is confusing and not user friendly.

          1. Exactly. And where there is one, you can bet there are “countless” people who don’t like it. I used it for 5 minutes and already I don’t like it. That’s why I stuck with installing Windows 7 Ultimate on my MacBook Pro.

          2. jack smith says:

            Well I can tell you one thing.

            Best buy is having a seriously hard time convincing people to like Windows 8. I was in there the other day and overheard numerous people requesting Windows 7 instead, and Best buy employees doing their best to get them to buy W8 anyway.

            I interrupted one with a young lady, and politely told her that if she wanted W7, she should write down the exact specs of the computer she was looking at in Best buy (I pointed these out for her), and told her to go to newegg and buy one. I even showed her a few examples on the site on my phone.

            She was so happy she left with a huge smile, and the Best buy employee had a fairly nasty look about him, as well.

            Oh well, the customer is always right, or so I thought.

  2. hamoncan says:

    Our IT contractor was bragging in our last meeting with them about the small fortune they are making moving people back to Windows 7. I finally forced to family to start using the new laptop when I packed to old XP desktop away. They all hate it and I hate coming home every night trying to get simple things to work and this stupid Apple wannabe machine (and I hate Apple).

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