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Apple Attacked by Same Chinese Hackers That Targeted Facebook

Apple Attacked by Same Chinese Hackers That Targeted Facebook

Apple has disclosed that it was attacked by the same Chinese hacker group that targeted Facebook, and also said that an upcoming software update of OS X will protect users from the same type of attack.



Calling it an “unprecedented admission,” Apple revealed to Reuters that a sophisticated attack compromised a small number of its employees’ Mac laptops. No user information was compromised, and there is no evidence that any information has been stolen.

Apple revealed that it plans to release a software tool later today that will protect users against the same type of attack used against the Apple employees.

Apple is just the latest in a line of companies to come forward and admit they were hacked by a group from China. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal also revealed earlier this year that their computers had been compromised. The attacks have been linked to the Chinese Army.

The group, identified as “Unit 61398” of the People’s Liberation Army, also targeted social networking sites Facebook and Twitter in their efforts. The attacks are believed to be originating from a 12-story building located on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Facebook was compromised via a Java exploit that was used to install malware on the company’s systems. Facebook officials detected the attack when they noticed a suspicious domain listed in the system request logs.

The operation, also known by the name “Comment Crew,” is also believed to have gone after America’s critical infrastructure, such as power, gas, and water. It has also attacked such well-known brands as Coca-Cola.

Chinese officials have denied any knowledge of such activities, and have instead suggested that their country is also the victim of such hackers.

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