Dell Dude: I’m Using A Mac Right Now

Dell Dude: I’m Using A Mac Right Now

The ‘Dude, You’re Getting A Dell’ ad campaign was one of the cheesiest ever, and it really propelled Ben Curtis, the ‘Dell Dude’, to fame. However, would it surprise you to know that today, the Dell icon uses a Mac?

Curtis sat down with Bloomberg where he revealed that alongside his Dell desktop he used a Macbook, and stated that Dell today was in need of a new ad campaign.

dell dude


I am using a Mac right now. A laptop, for editing, it was also a gift and it’s something that has also been one of the necessities now which is what think Dell is competing with.

I’m not too sure about that last part, but when even the Dell Dude is switching, you know that it’s nearing the end for company he was the face of for so long.

You can watch the video here.