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‘Evasi0n’ iOS 6 Jailbreak Hit 1.7 Million Downloads in Under 24 Hours

‘Evasi0n’ iOS 6 Jailbreak Hit 1.7 Million Downloads in Under 24 Hours

The new ‘evasi0n’ untethered iOS 6 jailbreak has certainly been popular, racking up 100,000 downloads in its first 10 minutes of availability, and a whopping 800 million downloads within the first 6 hours. That’s just the beginning, however. According to Cydia creator Saurik, the jailbreak managed to hit over 1.7 million downloads by Tuesday morning – less than 42 hours after launching!


The numbers were revealed in an interview between Saurik and Forbes:

In its first six hours online, the crack had already been used at least 800,000 times, according to Jay Freeman, administrator of the Cydia appstore for jailbreakers, and he says that’s a conservative estimate–his count was fouled up when the tsunami of traffic knocked his server offline several times over the course of the jailbreak’s first day online. By Tuesday his count was up to 1.7 million.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers, showing that jailbreaking remains extremely popular despite the fact that Apple publicly and strongly disapproves of jailbreaking iOS devices. If you haven’t tried it out yet, check out our tutorial for how to install the jailbreak on your iOS device using your Mac!


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