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Google Apparently Planning New ‘Retina’ Display ‘Chromebook Pixel’ (Video)

Google Apparently Planning New ‘Retina’ Display ‘Chromebook Pixel’ (Video)

Ever since Apple released the iPhone 4 and brought the “Retina” display into the consumer world, Apple and others have been hard at work boosting the resolutions of smartphones, tablets, and even notebooks to ultra-high resolutions. Apple was the first to bring a Retina display to a notebook with the Retina MacBook Pro – and now it looks like Google wants to play the game as well.


A leaked video reported by Android Authority (via The Verge) shows a new notebook called the Chromebook Pixel, apparently being developed by Google as an answer to the MacBook Pro with retina Display. The device will reportedly feature a resolution of 2560 x 1700 – the same resolution offered in Apple’s latest MacBook Pro models.

Interestingly, it appears that the device might also include a touch screen for added flair. The video was apparently taken from a marketing agency known as Slinky, which has apparently done work for Google before (although the connection between the two companies is hard to nail down). In addition, developer Francis Beafort claims that the notevook is already being tested internally at Google.

The supposedly leaked is more than a little reminiscent of Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro ads – which is unsurprising considering that many technology companies use Apple’s ads as models for their own marketing. The Google IO developer conference is coming up in May, and if the Chromebook Pixel is actually real, it could likely debut at the event.

At this point, we’re not sure what to believe based on the video and Beafort’s comments – but it wouldn’t be terribly surprising if the rumor is true. The battle for Retina-display computing may be about to get a lot more interesting!