Indiegogo Project: CrystalCore TiltDock – A Dock for All Smartphones and Devices

Indiegogo Project: CrystalCore TiltDock – A Dock for All Smartphones and Devices

Everyone is looking for the perfect dock to use with their smartphone or other device. Some use a device with Apple’s 30-pin connector, some with the Lightning connector, some of you, even thought you are reading an Apple-centric blog, use a device that uses a Micro USB connector. (You know who you are.)

I had a chance to see the CrystalCore TiltDock at CES 2013, and immediately fell in love with it. I got online when I returned home and pledged the amount to receive one when the Indiegogo was fully funded. There is just one problem, the project is in danger of not funding.


At the time of this writing, the CrystalCore TiltDock is in danger of not meeting its goal of $5,000. With 28 hours left, (even less now, when you’re reading this), the project is just a few hundred dollars short of making it’s goal. It would be a sad thing if the project didn’t get funded.

The TiltDock will work with almost any electronic device. Apple, Samsung, LG, it doesn’t matter. Every device form the iPhone to the Galaxy S II, to the iPad mini will work with this dock. Take a look at the video and you’ll what its all about.

The three main features of the TiltDock (from the website):

  1. Tilting backrest.  You can ensure the angle of your phone is pefect for facetime, texting or playing. Tilt goes from upright to 45° angle.
  2. Fit’s your phone with 99% of any cover, bumper or case.  Our Patent Pending rotating connector fits them perfectly.  You no longer need to remove your protective covers to mount the dock.
  3. Look Mom, One Hand!  With our Patent Pending base, our dock stays put on the table or desk so everything you need to do with your phone can be done with one hand.  Docking, undocking, typing/texting and adjusting the back rest.  In my opinion, this is the number one best feature!

There are 3 versions of the dock for use with almost all types of smartphones and devices.  Apple’s 30-pin connector (compatible with the iPhone 4S and previous versions, the iPad and iPad 2, and all iPods with the same connector).  A Micro USB connector to make the dock work with many other smartphones and devices such as most Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG products. And, an 8-pin Lightning connector for the iPhone 5, iPad Retina, iPad mini etc. They are still waiting for Apple’s MFI program to review the base.

Go 0n over to the CrystalCore TiltDock website and check it out. You just may fall in love with it like I did.