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Kickstarter Project of the Week: CaptCase – A Sleek & Slim Leather Case for the iPhone

Kickstarter Project of the Week: CaptCase – A Sleek & Slim Leather Case for the iPhone

Welcome to our new series, The Kickstarter Project of the Week. Each week, we’ll be featuring a new Kickstarter or Indiegogo project that we really like. (And yes, we’ll call it “Indiegogo Project of the Week” if it’s an Indiegogo project. SHEESH!)

This week we feature a great new case idea for the iPhone. The CaptCase is a slim leather case that fits your iPhone 4/4S or iPhone 5. It’s thin, yet protects your device capably, and unlike some cases of this type, it doesn’t get in the way. Let’s take a closer look.


From the CaptCase Kickstarter page:

CaptCase Features  РPremium Leather РSoft Microfiber Interior РFull Coverage of your iPhone while maintaining sleek design РMagnetic flap that fits flush with the side of the phone РAllows for full access to dock connector, headphone jack, lock button, camera, and flash Рslim pocket on the back perfect to stash cards or cash!

I’ve had the privilege of using one of the cases for the last few days, and let me tell you, it’s been a pleasure to have on my phone. I feel like the case fully protects my iPhone 5, yet it doesn’t get in my way like some leather cases of this type I’ve tried in the past.

The case is thin, and fits my device well. The flap doesn’t get in my way when texting or dialing, and the ability to close the flap on the case, an still be able to talk on the phone is a well thought out feature. I don’t know why I can’t recall having seen that on previous cases of this type that I’ve tried.

I also like the pocket on the back of the case that allows me to keep a few dollars in place for ready access. Very handy feature if you use you iPhone at the checkout to access store club cards in Passbook. You can pay without having to juggle your wallet and your phone.


The construction of the case is beautiful. It’s well made, and seems like it will stand up to repeated use. Access to all ports is available, and the phone can be placed in a dock without having to remove the case.

If you love leather cases, and want a good level of protection, I highly recommend dropping by the CaptCase Kickstart page to check out the case.

At the time of this article, they are over half way to their goal of $14,500 with 28 days to go. A pledge of $30 will currently still get you an iPhone 4/4S case from the first production run, and $35 will get you a case for your iPhone 5 from the same run.

I wish the best of luck to the CaptCase folks, this is a great case, and I think anyone that checks out the case will definitely want to try one out.

For more information on the CaptCase Kickstarter project, visit their webpage.

Have you seen, or even better do you have, a current Kickstarter or Indiegogo project you’d like us to check out? If you do then drop me a line at chris@www.mactrast.com. Tell me all about the project, and why you think it would make a good subject for a future Kickstarter/Indiegogo Project of the Week. If I agree, I’ll contact you for more information.