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MacTrast Is At MWC 2013! Our Coverage And What To Expect

MacTrast Is At MWC 2013! Our Coverage And What To Expect

Mobile World Congress is alongside CES and Macworld, the ultimate show for Apple enthusiasts, and this year’s event as ever promises to be full of accessories, new smartphones, tablets and more to tickle your taste buds.

I will be covering the event for MacTrast, and will be there for the last two days, bringing you all the latest tech, hands on videos and photos from Barcelona. Read on for what you can expect in terms of tech and how you can keep up with the latest.


What To Expect

Android smartphones. Android tablets. iDevice accessories. I think that sums it up pretty well, but specifically, we should be seeing some interesting stuff.

HTC will obviously be strongly pushing its new HTC One phone, while Samsung as already confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8.0 will be launched. New budget Galaxy smartphones are also expected, as well as a new Galaxy Tab.

Asus and LG have also posted teasers about ‘the metallic miracle’ and ‘a breakthrough’ respectively, so we’ll have to see exactly what those are.

All will be revealed in the first few days of MWC, and we should also see the big case manufacturers like Otterbox come out with some new gear.

MacTrast Coverage

You can keep up with our exclusive coverage on TwitterInstagram, and of course on the site. I’ve already got some nice surprises planned, on top of the big companies, so expect hands on videos, demos and of course A TON of photos. It should be fun, so check back on Wednesday for all the coverage.

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