New Photos Allegedly Show ‘iPhone 5S’ at Foxconn

New Photos Allegedly Show ‘iPhone 5S’ at Foxconn

A Chinese technology website published a series of photos this week, purporting to show an unknown iPhone model rolling off the assembly lines in a factory owned by Apple assembly partner Foxconn.



The thirteen photos published by show trays of iPhone 5-like faceplates making their way through an assembly line, in addition to several shots of the internal componentry of the unknown models. Thus far, the only discernible difference between the model shown in the photos and the existing iPhone 5 is the presence of a slightly different motor for facilitating the handset’s vibration mode.


The backside of the device in the photos is not clearly seen in the photos, however, the frame and bezel of the device is visible and resembles the one used by the iPhone 5.

The rotational rotor inside the devices in the photos is noticeably different than the one in the current iPhone 5.


Rumors of a cheaper version of the iPhone, as well as an  “iPhone 5S”, have been tossed around in the last few months.

More photos can be seen at AppleInsider.