Woman Sues Apple After Her iPod touch Blows up in Her Face

Woman Sues Apple After Her iPod touch Blows up in Her Face

And BOOM goes the iPod touch! Or at least that’s the claim made by Tina King on Wednesday as she has sued Apple for $75,000 in a personal injury/product liability lawsuit.


Patently Apple:

King alleges that her iPod touch blew up in her face while listening to her music. Her incurred medical costs were claimed to be a whopping $600. That’s right, $600, which is about the cost of a Band-Aid these days at a local hospital or clinic. Yet that will somehow cost Apple $75,000 if it is found liable.

The formal complaint was filed in… Wait for it… Eastern Texas.

Tina King’s Alleged Incident was in one Part Presented as follows:

“On February 22, 2011, Tina Kings was laying in her bed with her iPod touch listening to music when Tina felt a burning sensation on her eye. As a direct and proximate result of the explosion and result of the explosion and resulting electrical shock of the iPod touch, Tina King received burns to her eye and was otherwise caused pain and suffering resulting in serious injury to the plaintiff, Tina King, including but not limited to the burns on her eye and the incurring medical and mental conditions¬†which will cause her to suffer pain, mental distress, emotional distress, and otherwise for the rest of her life.”

A portion of Tina King’s formal Complaint reads as follows:

“Plaintiffs believe, and based thereon allege, that Defendant in some manner intentionally, maliciously, willfully, wantonly, recklessly, and were otherwise grossly negligent and acted with¬†conscious disregard and/ or malice as well as negligently, and therefore, are legally responsible for the damages arising out of the events and happenings alleged in this Complaint suffered by Plaintiffs for their below described injuries, losses, and damages.”

The incident allegedly occurred one year ago.