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‘iPhone 5S’ Once Again Rumored for June 29th Launch

‘iPhone 5S’ Once Again Rumored for June 29th Launch

If, like many Apple fans, you are eagerly following the rumors about Apple’s next-gen iPhone, TechCrunch has just published a new report that you might find very interesting. According to the report, the site has received a “confidential presentation” suggesting that manufacturing may already be ramping up for the device, which is reportedly set for a June 29 debut. The catalog lists new cases, chargers, and accessories for the next-gen iPhone, which it refers to as the “iPhone 5S.”

iPhone 5S


The presentation catalog, which details new cases and chargers for iPhone devices as well as Qi-enabled wireless chargers and dongles for the iPhone 5, points to a firm June 2013 launch of what they are calling the iPhone 5S. Leaks like this are obviously par for the course when it comes to Shenzhen manufacturers – they usually follow the same rumors we do – but this manufacturer has an interesting inside track to Foxconn, promising “synchronization” with the Apple release in June.

The company also boasts complete Apple certification and is working with Foxconn directly to launch product immediately upon the launch of the new devices. This sort of leak – a launch date, direct contact to a certified manufacturer, and mention of direct cooperation with Foxconn – is fairly unique in the world of Apple news.

As the report points out, a specific release date claim, mention of a direct arrangement with Foxconn, and contact with an Apple-certified manufacturer are an unusual combination. There is some reason to remain skeptical however – Foxconn is typically not notified of release dates for upcoming Apple hardware prior to Apple announcing it. Instead, they’re given a deadline for having products shipped to Apple – which usually does not reflect the actual launch date.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the next iPhone will launch on June 29 – an earlier (and equally uncertain) rumor has also claimed that Apple will launch the device on that date, along with new iPads, at a special event celebrating the iPhone’s anniversary. The evidence still seems a bit weak in support of the June 29th launch date, at least in my mind – especially considering that Apple is expected to hold their World-Wide Developer Conference in June, and it would be highly unusual for them to hold two events within a single month.

For now, we’ll all just have to wait and see how this all pans out!