Evernote Hacked, Time to Change Your Password

Evernote Hacked, Time to Change Your Password

Evernote, the popular note-taking service, has revealed that there has been suspicious activity on it’s network that looked like a coordinated hacking attempt, so it is instituting a service-wide password reset for all of its members.



In a blog post on Saturday, it was revealed that Evernote’s Operations & Security team had seen activity pointing toward a coordinated attempt at accessing secure features of the service. A subsequent investigation showed no signs that user content had been accessed, changed, or lost. There were also no signs that payment information for any customers had been accessed.

The hackers were able to access Evernote information, which included usernames, email addresses associated with accounts, and encrypted passwords. Evernote says the passwords stored by Evernote are protected by one-way encryption, which means they are both hashed and salted.

When signing into their Evernote accounts, users will be required to create a new password. After resetting your password, you will need to use that password on any Evernote apps you currently use.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to change my Evernote password to prevent prying eyes from seeing what turns out to be a disturbingly large amount of evil clown photos…