First Chapter of Steve Jobs Bio Manga Hits Shelves Today

First Chapter of Steve Jobs Bio Manga Hits Shelves Today

A 14-page preview of the biographical Steve Job manga was posted on Monday. The comic gives us all a peek at how we can expect noted manga artist Mari Yamazaki to present the life story of the late, great Apple co-founder.



Japanese manga publishing house Kodansha released the first images of “Steve Jobs,” which were subsequently posted to Yahoo Japan’s online bookstore, as the title’s first chapter hit store shelves today in the April issue of the company’s Kiss magazine, reports blog Crunchyroll. Interestingly, Kiss is a monthly Josei manga serial, or a publication targeting the young adult to adult female demographic.

Reported as the official adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography, the comic is seen from Isaacson’s point of view, and starts in 2004 with Jobs’ asking Isaacson to write his life story. Isaacson does not begin to work seriously on the tome until Jobs’ wife Laurene Powell-Jobs calls to break news that the tech giant is in the late stages of pancreatic cancer.

Remaining panels in the preview relate Isaacson’s first impressions of the Apple co-founder, tell of an early interview session, and fleshes out background that sets the stage for upcoming chapters.

The “Steve Jobs” manga will continue in Kiss next month.