Google Glass: What Would Really Happen (Comic)

Google Glass: What Would Really Happen (Comic)

Some say Google Glass will be revolutionary. Others say this will happen (The Joy of Tech).

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  1. Cyberhusky says:

    Exactly that.
    Everything and everybody will be filmed and uploaded to evil Google.
    These glasses should be banned in public places too.
    Second ever saw someone with these glasses? They talk and stare right through you. No normal conversion possible.

  2. MRonin ⚜ says:

    Some folks need either dial back the meth or dial up the Thorazine, because the paranoia over these things is getting almost to Oliver Stone in JFK levels. Seriously people it’s a marginal and over hyped money sink for Google right now, the smart money says you wont see these things outside of the immediate Google HQ space for quite a while, if ever. So lets not strap on the tin foil hats just yet mmmk.

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