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IDC: Android Tablets Will Pass Apple’s iPad in 2013

IDC: Android Tablets Will Pass Apple’s iPad in 2013

2013 will be the year that shipments of Android tablets surpass those of Apple’s iPad, says a new analysis from IDC.



IDC’s newest report sees smaller, lower-priced Android devices accounting for 48.8 percent of total tablet shipments for 2013, while Apple’s iPad will slip from a 51 percent share in 2012 to 46 percent.

Tablets running Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems are expected to account for 2.8 and 1.9 percent of 2013 shipments, respectively.

The report also gives glimpse at what it says will be the market in 2017, and as such, it holds a glimmer of hope for the folks from Redmond. By 2017, Windows 8 tablets may achieve a 7.4% share, while Windows RT tablets should hold 2.7% of the market. This share would come out of both Android and iOS tablets cut, dropping them to 46% and 43.5% shares, respectively.

This report shows the forecasted effect of the continuing crowding of the tablet market. It should be noted that the report focuses on tablet shipments, not tablet sales. There is no accurate way to calculate the numbers of tablets actually in consumers hands, as Apple is the only tablet manufacturer to regularly report its actual sales numbers.

  1. Aar Zand says:

    Google’s communist act is failing miserably. Samsung is taking almost all profits leaving Google and other Android manufacturer’s almost nothing.

    Moreover, Windows 8 tablet market share will surpass Android tablets very soon according to the IDC’s estimate (in terms of revenue or profits). The IDC’s market share estimate is based on number of units. Windows 8 tablets are more expensive now, so it will sell fewer for now. But low cost models will come out soon. On the other hand, Android is going after the lower and lower end market at cheaper and cheaper prices.

    In terms of market share based on revenue, Microsoft’s Surface is selling at $999, or $1140 plus the touch cover, that’s about 5 times of 7″ Android tablets. Revenue-wise, Microsoft only needs 1/5 of Android’s market share to beat all Android manufacturers combined. Moreover, Surface has a gross margin of 45%, vs. cheap Android devices at less than 20% of gross margin, in terms of gross profit, Microsoft makes 11 times more profit selling one Surface Pro than Android vendors selling one Android tablet!

    And price-wise, Dell, Asus, HP and Lenovo are offering lower end Win 8 tablets at about $399 to $499, which is very competitive to iPad and 10″ Android tablets. Lastly, don’t forget that Microsoft receives $5-$10 of royalty for each Androud device sold.

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