Kim Jong Un Uses An iMac

Kim Jong Un Uses An iMac

Well, it seems that the downfall of the US is being plotted on an iMac by Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader. NK News even reports that the whole family has a ‘passion for Apple Macs’. I wonder if he realises that a new model is available…


  1. tezz says:

    Hope this is not another North Korean Photoshop fail!!

  2. kiddo says:

    Why on earth would you have 3 phones on your desk? He`s the ruler, surely he has a secretary.

  3. Rhys Eunson says:

    I wonder if it would be too much to ask of him, to bomb a few Samsung factories, then go home and surrender?

  4. Drav Ram says:

    yummy he thought !!!!
    hes going to eat it later after the photos session
    …he thought its like a new kind of ice cream !!!!
    miam..miam imac…miam…me korea cookie monster…me eat…me find delicious…miam…miam….

    me when go china me… like this fast food place called applestore…me sometimes eat icepod….icemac!!!

    me love apple food!!!

  5. quadibloc says:

    Perhaps China is not letting him smuggle a newer iMac in while he is raising world tensions.

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