Marvel Releases 700 #1 Issue Comics for Free Via iOS App

Marvel Releases 700 #1 Issue Comics for Free Via iOS App

As part of their South by Southwest promotion, Marvel has announced that it is giving away more than 700 of its No. 1 issues through its Marvel Comics iOS App, and its web site.


Marvel announcement, via MacRumors

“This is the perfect way to show everyone how much we believe in our material by letting them try the first issues for free, because we’re sure once they start, they won’t stop,” says Marvel SVP – Sales, Digital & Print David Gabriel. “Week in and week out we ask fans to come check out our new releases—both in print and digitally—with the promise that we’ll bring them the best comics made by the best talent and managed by the best editorial team in the industry. Now, existing and news fans [alike] can discover the heroes they know and love and learn about new ones all at the same time.”

The debut issue of each comic book line can be downloaded for free, which is a heckuva discount considering the regular price for these run anywhere from $1.99 to $3.99 each. Marvel is running the promotion to attract new readers to recent comics like Uncanny Avengers, alongside old stand-bys like The Amazing Spider-Man.

The promotion began Sunday night, and runs through Tuesday at 11 PM Eastern time. The issues can be downloaded through the Marvel Comics app, or via the web.

Marvel has reported some technical issues due to the massive response to their promotion, and will keep users posted on their website.

The Marvel Comic app is available for the iPad and iPhone FREE in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

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