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Munster: ‘No Major Apple Product Announcements Until June’

Munster: ‘No Major Apple Product Announcements Until June’

Piper Jaffray Apple analyst Gene Munster has released an updated look at the device maker, and it includes a warning that Apple will not have any major product announcements until June. The analyst also expects the company to miss its June guidance due to lower than expected Mac and iPhone sales.


In other words, the Retina iPad mini he predicted would launch in March– not happening. Instead, Munster says Apple could possibly announce an incremental upgrade to iPad or iTunes in April and not have a major product announcement until the iPhone 5S lands in late June. He also told Bloomberg this morning (video above) that a cheaper iPhone would be announced in September through a deal with China Mobile and ship in September/October.

Munster still clings to the idea of an Apple HDTV by the end of the year, telling Bloomberg that there is “no question whether its a set top box vs a TV, its an actual TV.”

Munster also believes that an Apple iWatch won’t show up until 2014, and notes that wearable technology like the rumored device has the opportunity to cannibalize the phone market within 5-10 years.


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