MWC 2013: Duracell Powermat

MWC 2013: Duracell Powermat

One of the biggest features the iPhone doesn’t have is inductive charging, present on most flagship competitor phones. However while at MWC, I got the chance to talk to Scott Eisenstein of Duracell Powermat, who make inductive charging mats for iPhone.

The basic system is that you put a case on your iPhone, and when you place it down on the mat, it charges, no cables required. However, it’s so much more than that, as Scott explained.

Inductive charging isn’t super special, and it’s been around for a couple years. However Duracell are currently going a step further: integrating into popular venues across the US, and eventually Europe.

In 2013, go and watch the Nets at the Barclays Center, or the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, and you’ll be able to charge your iPhone without any cables, provided you have the Powermat case. The inductive mats are integrated into the tables, so charging could not be more natural.

You’ll also find such arrangements at the Delta Clubs in JFK and LaGuardia, and the 40/40 lounge in New York. Scott also told me that you’ll find Powermat in select Starbucks locations, and that it will be coming soon to other parts of the US and Europe eventually.

Powermat works with iPhone 4/4S, and a brand new, more compact version for the iPhone 5 (with an extra battery in the case) has also just been announced.

Duracell is establishing a standard, which is expanding rapidly. Scott told me to stay tuned for some cool announcements in the future regarding the latter, so new places are imminent.

It was fascinating talking to him about it, and there remains only one thing to do which is try it out for myself. Scott was extremely nice and gave me a Powermat to test out, so I’ll most definitely oblige.