Review: Casino Live – Risk-Free Virtual Gambling for iOS

Review: Casino Live – Risk-Free Virtual Gambling for iOS

There’s nothing like feeling rich – even if only for a few fleeting moments, and whether that wealth is a reality, or a metaphorical kind of wealth, there are few things that compare.  Now consider what it would be like if you could strike it rich (virtually) from your iPhone or iPad.  Casino Live for iOS can provide a fun, risk-free way to try your hand (or thumbs, at least) at becoming a millionaire.


Casino Live (free in the App Store) is a universal app for your iDevices that gives you a simulated gambling experience, without the need to hand over your hard-earned dough.  Using virtual (FAKE) money, the fun never stops.  Every 3 hours, you are awarded bonus money, and a daily spin allows you to try your odds at collecting free money.  In addition to earning free purse, you can also choose to spend your own money on more in-game currency to be use at one of four different casino games.


When I think of a casino, I instantly think of slot machines, and Casino Live features 9 themes of slot machines with bet ranges from $1 to $10,000.  The ability to play small dollar amounts is a great way to get started and get a feel for the game (although a slot machine is about as easy as it gets).  Using your devices network connection (wifi or cellular), you are connected to the progressive slots server for the app, which allows jackpots to be pooled across all Casino Live players (meaning huge wins when you line up a string of diamonds for a Progressive Jackpot).


Stepping it up a little bit, Casino Live includes a full-featured Roulette table.  If you’ve ever wanted to put $1000 on Black – this is the perfect opportunity.  Simply dragging your chips (in a wide range of values) to any position on the board allows you to gamble on a huge range of factors.  To add to the fun, the other players at the wheel are real people, betting on the same spin from around the world.


One of my favorite Casino games, Black Jack (probably because it was how I began learning to do addition in my head) is masterfully executed in Casino Live.  When you sit at the table, you join an the current game as it is being played (which means you can sit mid-hand).  The other players at the table are playing the same game and seeing you make your bets.  Not only are you seeing it happen in real time, but much like a real casino, you can chat with other users in the game and give kudos for big wins.


The final game of Casino Live is Baccarat, which has one of the lowest house advantages (advantage of the casino over the player) of any casino game.  While Baccarat is initially a little confusing for those who have never played (learn how to play Baccarat), the game becomes quite simple and can quickly result in high stakes betting.


One of the biggest omissions (in my perspective) is a lack of tutorial or direction for each game.  While playing slot machine takes very little skill or training, games like Baccarat and Black Jack do have some unique rules that an inexperienced gambler may not know.

Verdict: [rating 4]

Casino Live is a beautifully designed app for your iDevice that allows you to get the thrill of a casino without the expense of a Vegas vacation.  The inclusion of free bonuses for playing the game make it even more enjoyable, as you can always enjoy a little play for free.  While I’m not a huge gambler, it’s hard to go wrong in a no-risk betting situation like Casino Live offers.


  • Use of “real” in-game progressive slots
  • Ability to play and chat with other players
  • Variety of casino games to appeal to a wide audience
  • No ads or annoying pop-ups


  • No directions or tutorials on any of the games
  • No poker (not a factor in the rating – just would be nice to see included in the future)

If you enjoy spending a little time at the casino, but your wallet can’t take the hurt, check out Casino Live for iOS – free in the App Store.