Review: ColcaSac Jack Bauer MacBook Shoulder Bag

Review: ColcaSac Jack Bauer MacBook Shoulder Bag

When looking for a shoulder bag for my Macbook Pro, I always make sure to look for certain features within the bag such as simplicity, minimalism, durability, room, or number of pockets. There are a lot of bags, which are pretty similar that don’t stand out from one another. Certain bags, such as those from Chrome or Hex are alright, but they really don’t offer anything unique or out of the ordinary.

In a sea of shoulder bags that are fairly identical, something different is quite refreshing. The Jack Bauer Macbook shoulder bag from ColcaSac offers just that; a small but spacious bag to fit your Macbook, gear, accessories, books, and more.


ColcaSac is well known for implementing a soft interior fleece within all their sleeves and shoulder bags to assure all your products and devices are kept well intact from any scratches or dents. The Jack Bauer Macbook shoulder bag is no exception. The dimensions of the bag are 11.5 in height, 15.5 in width, and a 5-inch depth. This helps keep your Macbook properly in place from getting knocked around, but at the same time, it still leaves just enough room if you choose to put it in a sleeve first.


I’ve been carrying around my Macbook both ways and I feel comfortable just putting it in the bag without a sleeve because there’s so much protection within the bag. The bag is made from hemp canvas exterior lining, so it’s very strong. Even with added use over time, it doesn’t feel as if it would rip or tear. I know this is the case, because I’ve used the Macbook sleeves, which last a long time with no sign of wear.

Of course, it doesn’t weigh as much as a leather bag, so it’s really light, but at the same time it has some added durability to protect your belongings. There are also deep exterior pockets on either side of the bag, which can hold a lot. There isn’t any kind of velcro or a zipper on it, but that’s what makes the bag so simplistic.

Anything I’ve put in these pockets hasn’t dropped out or moved around. It stays in place without any worry. The main compartment is fairly large and can hold a Macbook and a few books or a second Macbook without a sleeve. There is also a small zipper pocket within the main compartment, which can fit a mouse, some USBs, or a charger, even though that might be a tight fit, which I noticed when I forced it in there. On the opposite side are two smaller pockets that are great for smaller items, but I just store my business cards in there and a USB cable in the other pocket.


If you lift the main flap, the outside of the Jack Bauer shoulder bag contains a larger zipper pocket. This can easily fit a notebook or sketchpad and some pens, although I was able to put my iPad inside. To me, it’s the perfect size to hold an iPad. It barely fits, so it’s staying in place and at the same time not hitting against your Macbook or a charger in the main pocket. Even with a smart cover and a charger, I was able to store the iPad just fine.


The Jack Bauer Macbook shoulder bag is most definitely one of the best bags I’ve ever used. It’s so simplistic, but stands out from the crowd of average shoulder bags. It’s not bulky, but still holds so much, being just the perfect size. The adjustable strap stays comfortably around your shoulder with having any worry of it falling off.

When I first saw the strap in person, I thought it was too big and maybe it could have been a more thinner, but when you’re carrying the bag, it doesn’t get in the way at all. ColcaSac adds to their great lineup of sleeves and bags with the Jack Bauer Macbook shoulder bag, one of the more durable and great-looking bags for your Macbook.


The Jack Bauer Macbook Shoulder Bag is available directly from ColcaSac for $124.95.

Rating: 5/5[rating:5]


  • Plenty of room for more than just a Macbook
  • Made from strong fabric for durable protection
  • One of the more unique bags that looks great


  • No separate slot in main compartment for your Macbook
  • Not priced as low as similar shoulder bags

  1. Greg Solomon says:

    Nice looking bag, but they don’t really explain why it’s called the Jack Bauer. Does he carry a similar bag for one of the seasons of the show? Also, they’re out of stock until June, according to the site.

    1. Yup. Mr. Bauer carried a similar “man bag” for a while. Unfortunately. 🙂

  2. Logan Rowland says:

    Can I fit my 17″ MacBook Pro in the bag?

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