Review: WishLab – A Great Personal Goal Management App for iOS

Review: WishLab – A Great Personal Goal Management App for iOS

Have you ever set goals for yourself and lost track? What about New Years Resolutions or wishes for a dream vacation? Setting goals and having wishes is something that everyone has in common. Another thing they have in common? Losing sight of those goals and wishes. What if you could document your goals and wishes? Better yet, what if you could track your progress with your goals and wishes daily, tracking your thoughts, feelings, and most importantly, progress? Well, now you can.

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WishLab (free in the app store) is an application designed to house goals, wishes, dreams, etc. and provide a platform for users to be able to easily monitor their progress. Users are able to browse their wishes, create a Wish Board (Pinterest anyone?) using their uploaded wishes, monitor progress, document results, set wishes to an “achieved” status, and even browse other user’s wishes as inspiration. WishLab even allows users to connect with Facebook and Twitter to share their wishes with friends.

So how does it work? To add a new wish, users must name the wish, set a period of time in which they plan to achieve their wish, can be days, months, years, describe the wish, and upload a photo that depicts the wish. Once a wish is created, users can document their thoughts, feelings, and progress for each wish by typing a short message, uploading a photo, or even creating a video clip. These items are then documented in a timeline to show changes over time.

WishLab is a fun, useful app, especially for anyone who creates goals and could use a little help organizing and tracking them. It feels good to be able to see wishes, document them, and achieve them. The only issue that arose was that the Wish Board only held 3 wishes without buying more space within the application. There didn’t seem to be a lot of purpose behind having multiple wishes on the Wish Board, as users can see all of their current wishes under “My Wishes,” although purchasing more space allow removes advertisements from the app. One use for purchasing more space on the Wish Board could be if users had multiple wishes, but had a few that were big wishes that they really wanted to focus on.

Verdict [rating:4]

If you are a lofty goal setter, a simple wisher, or a high achiever, WishLab might be the app for you. Being able to see wishes and goals on a daily basis in an organized fashion helps to stay focused and excited about a wish. Do you wish for a vacation, a new purse, a new car, or more money in savings? Download WishLab and turn your wishes into reality!


  • Organized system
  • Allows users to track progress in multiple ways
  • Application has an appealing layout and fun colors


  • Users have to purchase more Wish Board space (also gets rid of ads)
  • Other user profiles aren’t visible

Download WishLab, free in the app store!

WishLab is TOP #3 Best Doing Good Apps according to BestAppEver Award, view a WishLab promo video to learn more about the app.