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Belkin Finally Releases Thunderbolt Express Dock – Available Now for $299

Belkin Finally Releases Thunderbolt Express Dock – Available Now for $299

Well over a year after first announcing the product at CES in 2012, Belkin has finally released their Thunderbolt Express dock, available now for $299. The dock includes Gigabit Ethernet, a FireWire 800 port, an extra Thunderbolt port, audio in and out jacks, and more, totaling 8 usable ports.

Thunderbolt Express 1

From Belkin’s website:


The Belkin Thunderbolt™ Express Dock is an easy, powerful way to take advantage of Thunderbolt™ technology. The Thunderbolt™ Express Dock lets you use a single connection to create high-speed, reliable transfers between your laptop and up to eight other devices, including FireWire, Ethernet, USB, and daisy chaining multiple Thunderbolt™ devices.

So taking your laptop when you go, and bringing it home when you return means connecting with only one cable.

Thunderbolt Express 2I’ve been waiting for this dock to finally hit the market for a long time – and I can’t wait to get my hands on a review unit! Watch for a full, detailed review within the coming weeks! The Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock is available now direct from Belkin. Similar docks have previous been released from a number of manufacturers – including the Matrox DS1, which is available now, and forthcoming docks from both CalDigit and Sonnet.

For more info, or to purchase, visit Belkin’s product page on the web!

  1. Can you daisy chain multiple monitors with this device?

    1. How do you mean? You can hook up a monitor to the extra Thunderbolt port on the dock – or you can hook it to other Thunderbolt devices to chain up to 7 together.

  2. Is it theoretically possible for anyone to add more than 2 TB ports? Or can they only be daisychained? A lot of the lower end TB drives do not have a passthru. So if I want to use a TripleHead to Go and my TB Hard drive with my Mid 2012 MacBook Non-Retina – I am hosed as the Mac has 1 TB port, and I have 2 devices…

    1. Yup. For that, you’d need to have a second Thunderbolt device, and put your drive at the end of the chain.

      Frankly, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t include a second Thunderbolt port on their products. Except to cut corners.

      1. I don’t see how. My Mac has 1 port. My Triple Head has 1 port. My drive has 1 port.
        So – I would need a TB Hub…

  3. Peter Denny says:

    Personally I think its cool but for that much money I think you are probably better off getting a thunderbolt display that has this all built in as its 13 the cost of that. if you dont like the apple display for whatever reason (reflection etc) this fits a nice niche but too bad they didnt add display ports which would open up the market big time for alternate display options. Just my 2c but if apple releases a new display with usb3 the desirability of this drops dramatically.

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