Could The iMac G3 Inspire A Budget iPhone? (Concept)

Could The iMac G3 Inspire A Budget iPhone? (Concept)

The iMac G3’s design was one of the most significant and iconic products in Apple’s history. Its multicolored plastic see-through case was radically different from anything else at the time.

Nikolay Lamm‘s concept for what a ‘budget’ iPhone might look like inspires itself from the G3, and it looks pretty darn nice. Whether Jony Ive is willing to don his throwback cap and recreate the design is a different question entirely, and unfortunately I’m pretty skeptical about this coming to market. However it would be great if it did.


  1. Doubt it will be transparent – not Apple’s style. Colours are pushing it! Great mockup though…

  2. MRonin ⚜ says:

    Hell if it did I’d b buy on simply for the cool factor.

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