Indiegogo of the Week: DoorJamz – A Customizable Doortone for Your Home

Indiegogo of the Week: DoorJamz – A Customizable Doortone for Your Home

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of hearing the same old “DING-DONG!” when someone rings my doorbell. Wouldn’t it be cool if your doorbell played “Old Time Rock & Roll” when someone was at the door? Or how about “Behind the Green Door?” Or that old Bill Cosby standby “THERE’S SOMEBODY AT THE DOOR!” Well, with our Indiegogo of the Week, this is all possible. Let’s take a look at “DoorJamz.”

How Does DoorJamz work?

DoorJamz replaces your current doorbell, and can be controlled from an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer to change the music. (I’m guessing you could also substitute a recording of any type.) When someone comes to the door, the DoorJamz plays the music or sound you have selected.

You can also control things like scheduling a song for a particular day, like Halloween, a birthday, or the holiday season. If the baby naps at a certain time of day, the volume can automatically be reduced.


The DoorJamz works by motion detection, so if someone is at your door, they just wave their hand in front of the unit. You can also set the sensitivity of the unit, so if someone is on your doorstep, the DoorJamz will let you know someone is there even if they don’t want you to know!

The site says future upgrades will also allow you to see who is at your door via your smartphone no matter where you are. Added security is always nice.


The DoorJamz project has 26 days left, and they’ve only raised $1,603 of their $90,000 goal. So run over to the website for a closer look and see if  it appeals to you.

Pledge levels run anywhere from $5 (A hearty “THANKS”), to $25 (You get a t-shirt), all the way up to $149 for a complete kit. (You can get a complete kit for $99 if you get in on the early bird offer.)

DoorJamz looks like a great project to support. I’m really tempted to pledge just because I can make my doorbell sound like whatever I want. That should freak out Aunt Gladys when she comes to visit…

Be sure to visit the DoorJamz website for more information. [DIRECT LINK]

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